The 10 Best Dog Breeders In Florida

If you are looking for a new puppy and want to find the best dog breeders In Florida, this useful list is the ideal starting point. These ethical breeders follow the highest standards to ensure that their customers leave happy with a beautiful dog that they will enjoy for life.

Picking a dog is a big undertaking, and finding the right breed is half the challenge. These breeders will be happy to talk you through the temperament of their dogs and how to get started with caring for the animal.

If you want the best breeders near you, these are the best businesses to start with (you can see our criteria here)…

Dog Breeders In Florida

1. Royal Flush Havanese – Fort Myers, Florida

Royal Flush Havanese has been raising puppies for decades in their home. These puppies don’t shed, which makes them great dogs for families who have allergies in the mix, making things difficult. They love on their puppies from birth, so when you pick up your puppy, they’ll be happy and well socialized, ready to begin life at their new home. They’re quick learners and great with children of all ages.

2. Florida Fur Babies – Punta Gorda

Florida Fur Babies takes excellent care of the puppies they breed. Each pup goes through regular health check-ups from the vet, is socialized and trained as soon as they can. Staff is available on-site 24 hours a day to ensure the puppies get what they need when they need it. As a result, you can count on adopting a happy, healthy puppy who’s well-behaved.

3. Southernwind Kennels German Shepherds – Brooksville

Every dog at Southernwind Kennels German Shepherds is intelligent and self-confident. In addition to adopting a puppy, they also provide dog training services, including training for service dogs. Not only do these pups make excellent family companion dogs, but they also excel in sports and police work.

4. Tato’s Frenchies – West Palm Beach

Tato’s Frenchies provide healthy French Bulldogs. These pups come from exclusive pedigrees, so you know you’re getting high-quality dogs. Each pup is fully health tested by reputable veterinarians. In addition, they’re registered with the AKC. The dogs are all treated like family and will be well-trained and socialized as a puppy.

5. South Florida German Shepherds – Miami

Whether you’re looking for a protection dog or you want a family companion dog, you can look no further. At South Florida German Shepherds, they provide the best GSD dogs for your needs. Every litter is checked by the vet, healthy, and registered with the AKC. The puppies are raised like family from day one.

6. Tampa Bay Australian Labradoodles – Tampa

Tampa Bay Australian Labradoodles are high-quality dogs that come from a reputable breeder. You’ll receive non-shedding, hypoallergenic, and asthma-friendly pups for your home. These pups make great companion dogs or service and therapy dogs. The best part is that they train and socialize the puppies as soon as possible. So, your eight-week-old puppy will arrive home almost completely potty trained.

Dog Breeders In Florida

7. TLC Puppy Love – Jacksonville

Are you looking for a small dog breed? Then you can certainly check out TLC Puppy Love. This breeder socializes and handles the puppies right away from birth. They’re always being prepared for their forever home. You can be sure you’ll receive a happy, healthy puppy who will make an excellent family companion dog. Hands down one of the best dog breeders In Florida.

Dog Breeders In Florida puppy

8. Titanium Kilo Kennels – Orlando

Titanium Kilo Kennels socializes and trains the puppies as soon as possible. They prepare the dogs for family life, especially at home with children. They strive to provide puppies who will make excellent family companion dogs and bond well with their owners. You can be sure you’ll receive a happy, healthy puppy from this breeder.

Dog Breeders In Florida puppies

9. Forever Love Puppies – Miami

Forever Love Puppies wants each puppy to go to a happy, forever home. This is why they provide a health certificate, training package, microchipping, veterinarian discounts, and more, all for free. They check out each breeder to ensure the puppies are bred in healthy conditions before getting them adopted.

Dog Breeders In Florida cute

10. French Bulldogs INC – Jacksonville

At French Bulldogs INC, you’ll receive a Frenchie in a healthy, happy condition. The breeders provide health certificates and all the necessary shots. The best part is that the puppies come from top pedigrees with no in-breeding. In addition, there are no cages, so each puppy is socialized and trained from a young age.

Dog Breeders In Florida bulldogs

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