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Illinois Dog Walkers – The 10 Best

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Jul 7 ·
Illinois Dog Walkers – The 10 Best'

Getting good exercise for your pup is essential which is why we have rounded up the best Illinois dog walkers. These are the people and businesses who go above and beyond when it comes to looking after your four legged friend.

You might be away on holiday or quite simply working long hours and need a helping hand. Trusting your pup to one of these dog walkers will ensure you come back to a tired and happy doggo. It will also no doubt be the highlight of their day as we all know that dogs live for their walks.

So if you live in Illinois or just happen to be visiting and need a good dog walker these are the very best the state has to offer…

The Best Illinois Dog Walkers

1. Dogs Love Running – Elmhurst

Dogs Love Running not only offers dog walking, pet sitting, and boarding, but they can even offer dog running! If your dog is used to some high intensity exercise and is an active breed, this is the perfect choice, as they can really wear your pup out while you’re not around.

2. Windy City Dog Walkers – Chicago

Windy City Dog Walkers in Chicago will give you the same walker every day to ensure your dog is comfortable. They can build a relationship with your dog to make sure they get the care they need. They’ll also reinforce training and keep them up to date on tricks and manners!

3. Prairie Path Pet Care – Crystal Lake

Prairie Path Pet Care understands the importance of taking care of your pet. They’re all certified in CPR and constantly updating their knowledge of pet communication. They also bring pet events to the area to give you plenty of chances to bond with your dog too.

4. West Town Walkers – Chicago

West Town Walkers offers not only quality dog walking, but affordable prices so you can make it fit within your budget. Whether you need a 30-minute walk or a full day at the beach with a walker, West Town Walkers can provide that customized experience.

5. Rover-Time Dog Walking – Chicago

Rover-Time Dog Walking provides customized dog walking for your pup. They’ll provide the love, care, and attention that your dog is used to, so it doesn’t matter if you need a quick walk or something for a high-energy breed. They can provide, and provide it well.

Illinois Dog Walkers

6. Green Paws – Chicago

Green Paws offers top-quality dog walking in Chicago. Whether you have an adult dog who demands long walks every day or a puppy who needs a quick break to expend their energy, Green Paws can provide. Veterinarians in Chicago love this service for its reliability.

Illinois Dog Walkers

7. Windy City Paws – Chicago 

Windy City Paws is a top-rated service in Chicago with many awards, and it’s not hard to see why. They’ve been going for ten years and have provided quality dog walking the whole time. With COVID-19 safety protocols, the same walker every day, and a handy mobile app, you couldn’t ask for much more.

8. Wiggley Walkers – Chicago

Wiggley Walkers offers your first walk free — that’s how confident they are that you’ll love them! This hard-working team provides a fun and safe experience for dogs, and can offer in-home visits as well as other services. If you want great, individualized care, this is where to go in Chicago.

Illinois Dog Walkers

9. C & G Pet Sitting – Bloomington

Insured and bonded, C & G Pet Sitting is a great service in Bloomington that can provide walks for your dog. They can explain the advantages of dog walking and pet sitting rather than boarding, and will really truly care for your dog when you have to be gone.

Illinois Dog Walkers

10. Leash Adventures – Elmhurst

Leash Adventures in Elmhurst can offer anything, from gentle walks to high-intensity running. They provide report cards at the end of visits so you know exactly how your dog is getting on. Walks are tailored to pets, and they can refresh food and water if you need it.

Illinois Dog Walkers


Author Happy Doggo
News Hound
Obsessed with dogs and finding all the latest news and trends from around the world.
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