The 10 Best Dog Trainers In Illinois

If you want one of the best dog trainers In Illinois, then you need to look no further, as we have picked the very best in the state. These true professionals can help with young puppies and even teach old dogs a few new tricks.

Training a dog can be hard if it is your first time so getting a little help is a great way to go. From quick classes to more intensive courses, there is something here for everybody.

Grab the leash and a few treats, and get ready to team up with one of the best dog trainers in Illinois

Dog Trainers In Illinois

1. Suburban K9 Dog Training

At Suburban K9 Dog Training, they offer in-home private training classes. This allows you and your dog to learn together and form a closer connection with each other in the comfort of your own home. In addition, the trainers will cater the training class to you and your dog. Also, they provide a board and train boot camp where your dog will work one-on-one with an expert trainer.

2. Perfect Manners

At Perfect Manners Dog Training, your pooch will not only learn the basics but will also have certain behaviors corrected. The trainers will cater lessons to what your and your dog needs all within your home. In addition, they make their services affordable so that you and your dog can enjoy each other’s company without any hassle.

3. Alpha Dog Training Center

Alpha Dog Training Center is a large facility that will cater to all of your dog’s needs. They provide doggy daycare, boarding, and training classes. All of their trainers are certified and professional, so you know your pooch will be in good hands. Whether you do private classes with your dog or you decide to board them for the weekend to get trained, your dog will be a brand new pup.

4. Canine Sports Dog Training

Canine Sports Dog Training aims to give you a well-behaved dog so that you can have peace of mind going out with them, and your pooch can have fun as well. They specialize in off-leash training, basic commands, and boundaries, especially with new people. Your dog will be in good hands with them. All the trainers are dog lovers and experienced in what they do.

5. Black Dog K9

Black Dog K9 offers simple, effective, science-based humane training. They offer group classes or private training sessions for you and your dog. This facility specializes in obedience, behavior issues, and aggression. The team of trainers is professional, friendly, and experienced, so you know your dog will be in good hands.

6. Canine Dimensions

Canine Dimensions will cover everything you need for your dog. For example, they offer dog training, puppy training, and fear & aggression classes. You can get training for your dog through their private lessons, or you can board your pooch to stay and train with them for a while. In addition, they offer doggy daycare.

7. Canine Perspective’s

At Canine Perspective’s, they offer structured dog training, daycare, and boarding. No matter your pup’s age, breed, or size, you two can learn a lot together at this facility. The trainers specialize in off-leash obedience, behavior issues, aggression rehabilitation, obedience training, puppy training, and so much more.

Dog Trainers In Illinois

8. Dog Training Now

Dog Training Now strives to create happy dogs and happy owners. This is why they offer a wide range of training classes. From daycare, boarding, group, or private classes, your pooch will learn a lot. In addition, they have puppy socialization classes so that your pooch can get to know other dogs and humans.

Dog Trainers In Illinois

9. Downtown Dogs Chicago

From basic training to positive reinforcement and behavior modification to impulse control, you can count on Downtown Dogs Chicago. You can bring your dog to their puppy preschool or board them to get some training classes. In addition, you can also opt-in for private training lessons so you and your doggo can learn together.

Dog Trainers In Illinois

10. The Fine Canine Dog Training

The Fine Canine Dog Training wants all dog owners to have a pleasant experience owning a dog. In addition, they want the dog to be happy and have fun with their family. This is why they offer a wide range of training services, specializing in all training. For example, they provide obedience training, therapy training, performance training, and even animal acting.

Dog Trainers In Illinois

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