Pet Shops In Kentucky – The 10 Best

If you want the best pet shops in Kentucky for you and your four legged friend we have you covered. These businesses are all at the very top of their game and have food, treats, beds, toys and everything else to help ensure a Happy Doggo.

We’ve focused on the smaller, independent shops and local chains. The places where the staff will look after your every need and maybe even have a little treat on hand for your pooch. Supporting local businesses like these is absolutely key as they are part of a thriving community.

So whatever you need it’s time to check our the best pet shops in Kentucky

Pet Shops In Kentucky

1. Sandy’s Pet Shop – Louisville

Sandy’s Pet Shop has a staff of thirteen that consider themselves animal experts, so they can give you the best advice for your pets. They sell supplies for a variety of animals and offer some animals themselves. They offer a 14-day guarantee on any pet they sell too.

2. The Local Wag – Lexington

The Local Wag is a facility that truly cares about your dog. They understand how important dogs are to the family, and aim to educate owners on things that can go wrong and prevent them from happening. You can buy supplies here or take advantage of their many services.

3. Southside Pet Shop – Louisville

Southside Pet Shop is a family-owned business that has been around since 1972, so rest assured they have many years of experience in the business and are committed to making your experience here a great one. They pride themselves on great service and care for your pet.

4. Three Dog Bakery – Louisville

Three Dog Bakery has fresh treats baked on-site that can’t be found anywhere else, so if you’re in Louisville and looking to get your dog something truly unique, you couldn’t pick a better place to treat them. They might look like junk food for dogs, but the ingredients are healthy and wholesome, so no need to worry about that.

5. Southern Barker – Lexington

Southern Barker is a family-owned luxury dog boutique in Lexington. Although you can find a variety of supplies here, they have a focus on apparel and style, so if you’re really looking to spoil your dog and be a little extra, there’s nowhere better to visit with your pup.

6. Burkmann Nutrition – Bowling Green

Burkmann Nutrition is dedicated to the wellbeing of animals by providing them with the highest quality diet they can. They’re experts in nutrition, so if you’re looking to place your pup on the best diet possible and see them live a long, happy life, you couldn’t pick a better place to get their food.

7. Feeders Supply – Lexington

Feeders Supply has one of the biggest varieties of food and other products around. You can also set up an autoshop order on their website and get money off if you have a repeat order of food for your dog!

Pet Shops In Kentucky

8. LuLu’s Pet Pantry – Burlington

LuLu’s has a staff full of people who are dedicated to natural, raw, wholesome products for your dog. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to feeding your dog organic products to give them the best life possible, stop by and ask the staff what they’d recommend.

Pet Shops In Kentucky

9. Bluegrass Barkery – Lexington

Bluegrass Barkery is dedicated to enriching the lives of dogs by providing a healthy diet to make them happy. The companies that provide food for Bluegrass use human-grade ingredients, and they even have treats that are baked fresh in their ovens every day. All of their food is free of chemical preservatives and other potentially harmful ingredients.

Pet Shops In Kentucky

10. Pet Wants – Lexington

Pet Wants will deliver fresh food to your door for your dog. Rather than them eating from a bag of kibble that’s been on a shelf for months, you can be assured this food is the best you can get! Pet Wants are created in 2010 after the founder noticed health issues in her own dog, so nutrition is close to her heart, and it shows.

Pet Shops In Kentucky

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