Dog Grooming Maryland – The 10 Best

Looking for the best dog grooming Maryland options? We have you covered with brilliant businesses in the state, so your best friend is looking incredible. Your dog will be in super safe hands and crucially be among fellow dog lovers in these groomers.

These are the businesses where your dog will get spoiled rotten while having all their grooming needs taken care of. From trimming their coats and nails to baths, pedicures, and even massages, these dog grooming businesses have it all.

If you want your dog looking fantastic and smelling great, then you need to book into one of these dog grooming Maryland businesses.

Dog Grooming Maryland

1. Patricia Dee Pet Grooming – Silver Spring

Full-service grooming is offered at Patricia Dee Pet Grooming. Your dog will be groomed individually to create a stress-free environment and allow your pooch to get to know the groomers and form relationships with them. The staff is well-trained and experienced in what they do and will love your dog as their own.

2. Groomingville – Rockville

Groomingville will care for your dog in more ways than one – training, daycare, boarding, and grooming. The staff is certified in groomers, and your pooch will be in a cageless environment while being treated like family. Your pooch will get full-service grooming, all the while being pampered so they’ll feel refreshed after their appointment.

3. Aussie Pet Mobile – Howard County

Aussie Pet Mobile will come to you and your dog for your convenience. They will serve dogs and cats and give them the ultimate spa treatment, allowing them to feel relaxed and refreshed. It’s cage-free, so it’s less stressful for your dog and easier for you. The staff is friendly and professionally trained in animal grooming, so your dog will be in good hands.

4. Janneth Pet Grooming – Brinklow

Your dog will enjoy going to Janneth Pet Grooming since they’ll be treated as part of the family there. They’ll be well-loved and cared for, and pampered during their visit. Your dog will get full-service grooming in a stress-free environment with friendly, professional groomers that have over 20 years of experience, so you know your furry friend is in good hands.

5. Hair Off The Dog Grooming – Baltimore

Hair Off The Dog Grooming is open six days a week and will give your dog full-service grooming with plenty of pampering and love. The groomers are friendly and professional with the dogs and their humans. They’ll ensure that your dog feels safe and comfortable at the salon during their stay.

6. Dale’s Pet Grooming – Laurel

Dale’s Pet Grooming has been providing personalized pet care for over 40 years. They offer full-service grooming for all dogs with their loving and friendly staff. The dogs are relaxed while they’re in care of the groomers. The facility is clean and you can be sure your dog is in good hands.

Dog Grooming Maryland

7. Karen’s Pet Grooming – Temple Hills

This salon offers full-service grooming for all your pet’s needs. They will take dogs in all sizes and give them full spa treatment so they have a calm, relaxing day. The groomers are experienced and well-trained in grooming and dog handling. Your furry friend will be part of the family while they’re at Karen’s Pet Grooming.

Dog Grooming Maryland

8. Wash the Wag – Baltimore

Wash the Wag is a safe option for your pooch as all their products are all-natural, hypoallergenic, and environmentally friendly. The staff will treat your dog as their own through full-service grooming in a clean and safe environment. The groomers are passionate about what they do and are all avid dog lovers. They’re open six days a week, including Sundays so you have optimal chances to make an appointment that’s convenient for you.

Dog Grooming Maryland

9. Woofs and Wags Pet Lodge – Baltimore

Your pooch is sure to have a fun time at Woofs and Wags Pet Lodge through their many services for dogs. They have grooming services for baths and cuts to make your dog look and feel good. Their groomers are experienced and well trained in dog grooming. They also offer doggy daycare and boarding for both dogs and cats.

Dog Grooming Maryland

10. Snazzy Jazzy’s Pet Salon – Lutherville

This salon strives to create a safe and comfortable environment for both you and your dog. The staff are friendly and professional and want nothing but the best for your furry friend. They’ll treat you and your dog as though you were family. They offer full-service grooming in their clean facility. With the gentle and caring staff, your pooch will feel pampered and refreshed by the end of their visit.

Dog Grooming Maryland

When it comes to dog grooming Maryland options they just don’t get any better than these great businesses.

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