Dog Grooming Michigan – The 10 Best

Looking for the best dog grooming Michigan options? We have you covered with brilliant businesses in the state, so your best friend is looking incredible. Your dog will be in super safe hands and crucially be among fellow dog lovers in these groomers.

These are the businesses where your dog will get spoiled rotten while having all their grooming needs taken care of. From trimming their coats and nails to baths, pedicures, and even massages, these dog grooming businesses have it all.

If you want your dog looking fantastic and smelling great, then you need to book into one of these dog grooming Michigan businesses.

Dog Grooming Michigan

1. Somerset Dog Grooming – Rochester Hills

Somerset Dog Grooming creates a stress-free environment for both the dogs and their groomers. Groomers are limited to the number of dogs they work on per shift so that they can take their time with each pup and give them the individual attention and care they need and deserve. The staff is highly qualified and will treat your dog as their own through full-service grooming. Your dog will be in good hands here.

2. Wash & Wags Pet Grooming – Grand Rapids

Your pooch will be pampered and well taken care of at Wash & Wags Pet Grooming. Your pup will be in the care of graduated groomers with years of experience. They offer full-service grooming with baths, hair cut and trims, nail and ear care, and more. They’ll also receive facials and top-notch spa treatment so they’ll feel relaxed and refreshed at the end of the day. This salon also offers daycare and boarding.

3. Canine To Five – Detroit

Full-service grooming is available to all dogs no matter their size, breed, or age at Canine to Five. Not only will they be clean and healthy by the end of their visit, but they’ll also feel refreshed and pampered with spa treatments such as facials and even manicures. The facility is spacious, clean, and safe for all. Your dog will have a fun time getting pampered by these avid animal lovers.

4. Fluff N’ Suds Pet Salon – Benton Harbor

Your pooch will receive high-quality care at Fluff N’ Suds Pet Salon, which is a family-owned business. They use high-quality equipment and all-natural products that are pet-friendly for your furry friend. They care about the safety and comfort of your pet, which is why they also have a fenced-in yard. Your dog can take frequent walks and breaks individually so they can stretch their legs. They can even stay all day at no extra cost.

5. Foxylox Pet Grooming – Three Rivers

The top priority at Foxylox Pet Grooming is to keep your pet happy, which is why they call their full-service grooming “gentle touch.” They create a professional and caring environment so that your dog feels at home and ease during their visit. The staff is well trained in what they do, and the facility is clean. Your pup will be in good hands.

6. Topher’s Dog Grooming – Bath

Full-service grooming is offered at Topher’s Dog Grooming by friendly and professionally trained staff. They will not only give your pooch a bath and hair trim, but they’ll also pamper your pet with spa treatments. The best part is that they come to your home so that your dog is stress-free for easier relaxation.

Dog Grooming Michigan

7. Shampoodles – Detroit

Your pooch will look forward to going to Shampoodles as they’ll get a top-notch spa treatment, full-service grooming, and plenty of affection and pets! Their facility is clean and open so that your dog will never feel isolated, all the while roaming around and enjoying themselves during their visit. The staff are well-trained in dog grooming and will treat your dog as their own.

Dog Grooming Michigan

8. Semper Fi Pet Salon – Michigan City

Semper Fi Pet Salon is owned by a Marina veteran with years of experience as a dog groomer. The salon is open six days a week, including Sundays, and will treat your dog with lots of care and affection. They offer full grooming services in a safe, friendly environment for all. They offer military discounts as well.

Dog Grooming Michigan

9. LC’S Mobile Pet Spa – Detroit

Open daily, LC’s Mobile Pet Spa offers full grooming services at their clean facility, but they will also make house calls, depending on your dog’s needs and what’s easiest for you. The staff is professional and friendly and extremely patient, and passionate with the dogs. Your pooch will be well taken care of here.

Dog Grooming Michigan

10. Dapper Dog Mobile Grooming – Traverse City

Let your dog’s groomer come to you! At Dapper Dog Mobile Grooming, your pooch won’t have to worry about going anywhere or being in a cage or a stressful environment. Plus, they’ll always have the same groomer each time. The staff are professionally trained, friendly, and will give your furry friend the best treatment possible.

Dog Grooming Michigan

When it comes to dog grooming Michigan options, they don’t get any better than these great businesses.

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