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New York City Dog Grooming – The 10 Best Spots

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Jun 9 ·
New York City Dog Grooming –  The 10 Best Spots'

If you are looking for the very best New York City dog grooming  spots then you are in luck as we have you covered today. You and your pooch can pop into one of these brilliant local businesses to get scrubbed up and looking fantastic.

These businesses are staffed with the most professional groomers who are dog lovers and who will make all pets feel welcome. You can even head off and paper yourself for a couple of hours while your pooch is getting groomed.

So grab the leash and head out into the city. Time to check out the New York City best dog grooming spots..

New York City Dog Grooming

1. Unleashed Spa and Self Serve Dog Wash

Whether you need your groomer to make a house call, or need to bring your pup in for a bath and haircut, Unleashed Spa is your place. With their self-service wash, you get to use any of a variety of natural shampoos and conditioners to help your pup look and feel their best. Unleashed also has full-service dog and cat grooming available with professional, loving staff.

2. Rapawzel Dog Grooming

Rapawzel Dog Grooming has both a storefront grooming salon and a mobile grooming van available for both dogs and cats. The professional staff never overbook appointments, ensuring they can go as slowly as they need. They want to meet your dog’s needs by going at their pace. All baths feature dead sea salt shampoos and all-natural conditioners. Both the mobile van and salon are well-equipped to care for senior pets or pets with other special needs. Rapawzel also has a doggy daycare available!

New York City dog grooming

3. The Bark Shoppe

The Bark Shoppe is a full-services grooming facility that uses its own carefully created grooming products. They also sell their shampoos, conditioners, and sprays on their website. Their goal is to foster great relationships between pets and their owners. They regularly partner with charitable organizations and the local ASPCA for fundraising and community enrichment.

New York City dog grooming

4. Doggy Stylez Grooming

Doggy Stylez Grooming features a head groomer with over 10 years of professional experience! Whether your pup just needs a basic bath and touch-up, or the full grooming package, Doggy Stylez has you covered. Each bath comes with soothing oatmeal shampoo for a relaxing, skin-nourishing experience. Doggy Stylez also has anesthesia-free tooth scaling available for your pup’s dental needs.

New York City dog grooming

5. Golden Paws Spa & Grooming

A world class pet grooming studio that is always busy with super happy customers meaning you will have to book in advance. They only use the best high end products and brushes to ensure that your pup is looking fantastic when you come to pick them up. Add in world class and super friendly staff and this really is a superb spot.

New York City dog grooming

6. New York Dog Spa and Hotel

With grooming, boarding, daycare, and dog walking available, New York Dog Spa and Hotel is your perfect stop for all your pet’s needs! All products used during bathing are the highest of quality and hypoallergenic. The groomers can also use veterinarian-prescribed medicated shampoos on request. If your pup works well with one specific groomer, you can continually schedule with them. The staff at New York Dog Spa and Hotel are ready to give your dog the best of care.

7. Pupculture

This grooming facility in lower Manhattan provides a luxury spa experience for your dog that they’ll just love. They’re trained on standard breed specifications but will happily accommodate owner requests if you want something different. You can choose a simple luxury bath or a whole service!

New York City dog grooming

8. Marie’s Pet Grooming

Marie’s Pet Grooming is a first-class, highly-rated pet grooming service in NYC. They provide resources to educate you on grooming your pet on their website, as well as a lot of different services. They have several ongoing promotions you can take advantage of for your dog.

New York City dog grooming

9. Tiny Tails

Tiny Tails Grooming wants you to trust their expertise. Their groomers are highly trained and will do everything they can to provide the best experience for your dog. They specialize in small dogs, so if you’ve been looking for a breeder who’s well-trained in the area of small breeds, this is for you.

New York City dog grooming

10. Pawlour

Pawlour provides dog and cat grooming from trusted professionals in New York City. Whatever the breed or size of your dog, call them up and they’ll be able to help you out with the services they can provide. They’re conveniently located in Brooklyn.

New York City dog grooming

Author Happy Doggo
News Hound
Obsessed with dogs and finding all the latest news and trends from around the world.
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