The 10 Best Dog Trainers In New York

If you want one of the best dog trainers In New York, you need to look no further as we have picked the very best in the state. These true professionals can help with young puppies and even teach old dogs a few new tricks.

Training a dog can be hard if it is your first time so getting a little help is a great way to go. From quick classes to more intensive courses, there is something here for everybody.

Grab the leash and a few treats, and get ready to team up with one of the best dog trainers in New York

Dog Trainers In New York

1. Instinct Dog Behavior & Training

Whether you want to board your dog and allow the professionals to train your pooch, or you drop them off for the day to be trained, you can count on Instinct Dog Behavior & Training. They’ll care for your dog as their own, all the while teaching them the basics and more. In addition, they offer private lessons so you can learn alongside them.

2. At Home Dog Trainer – Ballston Spa

At Home Dog Trainer, you’ll get someone who specializes in dog training and dog behavior. They will help you correct certain behaviors of your pooch. For example, they’ll help with your dog’s barking and whining, jumping on people, pulling on the leash, not listening to the commands, and more.

3. Instinct Dog Behavior & Training – NYC

The trainers at Instinct Dog Behavior & Training are certified, veterinarian-recommended professionals. So, you know your dog will be in good hands with them. They accept all dogs no matter their age, breed, or size. From basic commands and obedience to behavior corrections, this facility will help you with all of it.

4. Canine College – Watertown

Canine College offers a wide range of training classes for all dogs, no matter their skill level, age, breed, or size. From beginner classes to advanced, they’ll be able to help you and your pooch how to communicate better with one another. The trainers are also professional, friendly, and experienced.

5. The Dog Behaviorist – NYC

The Dog Behaviorist specializes in puppy training and dog behavior modification. They strive to help you live a happy, healthy, and well-balanced life with your furry friend. The best part is that they offer consultations to see where you need help with your dog, and they will cater lessons to you.

6. Sublime K9 Dog Training – Long Island

Your dog will learn everything they need to know plus more through Sublime K9 Dog Training. Your pooch will learn it all from puppy training to obedience training and dog manners to therapy dog training. In addition, the trainers are certified and professional who will help you and your dog have a better understanding and relationship with one another.

7. S.R. Dog Training – Somers

Whether you just brought home a new puppy or you’ve had your dog for quite some time that doesn’t seem to be well-mannered, you can call S.R. Dog Training. You can opt-in for private training classes or attend group classes so you can learn with your dog. In addition, you can also socialize your pooch with other humans and dogs.

Dog Trainers In New York

8. Yuruani Olguin Dog Training – NYC

Yuruani Olguin Dog Training provides personalized training in the comfort of your home. This creates a positive, stress-free environment for all. In addition, they can see how your dog is in their environment and will help teach you and your dog together. Their methods are positive and verbal only to help teach your dog what they need to know.

Dog Trainers In New York

9. Dream Come True K9 – NYC

Dream Come True K9 strives to strengthen the relationship between dog owners and their dogs through clear communication. Through private lessons, you and your dog will learn alongside together. During the process, you’ll build upon your relationship with your pooch. In addition, they have group classes and board & training.

Dog Trainers In New York

10. Metro Dog Training – NYC

No matter your dog’s size, age, breed, or behavior issues, you can count on Metro Dog Training to be there for you and your pooch. They have many packages to cater to your needs. For example, you can do private training sessions or you can have a package of private sessions and group classes. This way, you can get one-on-one attention but also socialize your dog through group classes.

Dog Trainers In New York

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