North Dakota Dog Walkers – The 5 Best

Getting good exercise for your pup is essential which is why we have rounded up the best North Dakota dog walkers. These are the people and businesses who go above and beyond when it comes to looking after your four legged friend.

You might be away on holiday or quite simply working long hours and need a helping hand. Trusting your pup to one of these dog walkers will ensure you come back to a tired and happy doggo. It will also no doubt be the highlight of their day as we all know that dogs live for their walks.

So if you live in North Dakota or just happen to be visiting and need a good dog walker these are the very best the state has to offer…

The Best North Dakota Dog Walkers

1. KMV and Friends – Fargo

KMV and Friends prides itself on going the extra mile for your dog when you use them for dog walking services. If your dog is left alone all day and needs to burn their energy, look no further. They take an extra few minutes at the end of the walk to make sure they have water and are comfortable and happy. That means you’ll come home to a tired, content pup!

2. Kanine Kingdom – Williston

Kanine Kingdom is focused on daycare and training, but also makes sure their dogs get walks. If you need something a little extra with your dog walking such as more constant care or some help with manners, Kanine Kingdom is the place. They do everything they can to meet your expectations, so you can trust them with your best friend.

3. Wagon Tails Pet Care Co – Fargo

Wagon Tails Pet Care Co in Fargo offers a variety of options when it comes to getting walking services for your pet. They can offer a brief walk or they can offer an enriched one to ensure your pup is well and truly exhausted. They’ll also send pictures and videos from the walk so you can see that your dog is well taken care of before you come home to a happy, tired friend.

4. Pawsitive Paws – Grand Forks

Pawsitive Paws in Grand Forks will provide the best customized care for your pup. They know that every animal is different and strive to do the best they can for each individual. They can also provide extra services like watering plants, providing food and water, or taking in the mail! What else could you ask for?

North Dakota Dog Walkers

5. Happy At Home Pet Sitting – Fargo

Happy At Home Pet Sitting provides pet sitting, dog walking, and more in Fargo. This supporter of local rescues has been at work for many years, and is a huge lover of dogs. Visits can range anywhere between fifteen minutes and an hour, depending on the needs of your dog. If you need more extensive pet sitting, they can also offer overnight visits and holiday rates. Perfect for Happy Doggos.

North Dakota Dog Walkers

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