The 10 Best Dog Breeders In Pennsylvania

If you are looking for a new puppy and want to find the best dog breeders In Pennsylvania, this useful list is the ideal starting point. These ethical breeders follow the highest standards to ensure that their customers leave happy with a beautiful dog that they will enjoy for life.

Picking a dog is a big undertaking, and finding the right breed is half the challenge. These breeders will be happy to talk you through the temperament of their dogs and how to get started with caring for the animal.

If you want the best breeders near you, these are the best businesses to start with (you can see our criteria here)…

Dog Breeders In Pennsylvania

1. Country Haven Puppies – Myerstown

Country Haven Puppies is a great breeder to go to if you want a mini Bernadoodle! These dogs have the gorgeous looks of a big dog in a small dog package. They’re raised by a Christian family in Pennsylvania who loves to be outside, meaning their dogs get all the exercise and socialization they could ever require. They love the qualities of a Bernese dog and strive to keep them in their small Bernadoodles.

2. Whistle Hill Puppies – Denver

At Whistle Hill Puppies, they breed high-quality puppies. For example, they pair the best dogs together and study pedigrees, making every puppy happy, healthy, and unique. In addition, they make the adoption easy and seamless, helping you every step of the way, ensuring your pup gets the best care possible.

3. Willow Spring – Quakertown

Registered with the AKC, Willow Spring has puppies that come from champion bloodlines. Also, if you have any questions, the breeders can answer honestly. They have a vast knowledge of the dogs and the breeding process. Veterinarians come to the house at least once a week to check on the parents and the puppies. You’ll receive a happy, healthy pup.

4. AA Ridgewood – Kinzers

AA Ridgewood strives to create a positive adoption process for both you and the puppies. They provide mixed breeds and purebreds, so you’ll be sure to find the right dog for you and your family. Veterinarians health screen the dogs and make sure they’re up to date on their vaccinations.

5. Country Haven Puppies – Mysertsown

Country Haven Puppies puts quality over quantity. They breed dogs from great bloodlines and take their health and safety into account. Vets and trainers health screen, socialize, and train the dogs before adoption. The best part is the breeder is a home environment for the puppies.

6. Camelot’s Champion Havanese – Jeannette

State-licensed without using kennels, Camelot’s Champion Havanese provides happy, healthy, and unique puppies. All the dogs are high-quality and raised in a home environment, so they’re used to being family dogs. Vets health screen the dogs, and they are all registered by the AKC.

Dog Breeders In Pennsylvania puppy

7. Longmeadow Chesapeakes – Dover

At Longmeadow Chesapeakes, the breeders are dedicated to breeding high-quality, healthy, and happy puppies. They strive to find every pup a fun-loving forever home. Health and safety always come first. In addition, the dogs get socialized and trained to help prepare them for adoption.

Dog Breeders In Pennsylvania puppies

8. KC Poodles – Emmaus

If you have your heart set on getting a Poodle, then you can be sure to check out KC Poodles. They have purebred Standard, Miniature, and Toy Poodles available for adoption. Every litter is raised in a home environment. They’re socialized and trained. In addition, vets check out the pups and get them health screened to ensure they’re ready for their forever home.

Dog Breeders In Pennsylvania

9. Close Corters Labs – Linden

Close Corters Labs is a small, licensed breeding service for Labrador Retrievers. Veterinarians check the puppies to ensure they’re up to date on their vaccinations. Health and safety is their top priority when it comes to preparing these puppies for their forever home. Each dog is registered and raised in a family environment.

Dog Breeders In Pennsylvania

10. Wickersham Farm – Kennett Square

Wickersham Farm provides high-quality Australian Labradoodles. Each litter is hypoallergenic and trained to be a service dog or therapy dog. Overall, these pups are great family companion dogs. For example, they’re friendly, cuddly, and loyal. A vet screens each puppy to ensure their health. Each one is raised in a home environment.

Dog Breeders In Pennsylvania

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