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Pet Shops In Alaska – The 10 Best

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May 25 ·
Pet Shops In Alaska – The 10 Best'

If you want the best pet shops in Alaska for you and your four-legged friend, we have you covered. These businesses are all at the very top of their game and have food, treats, beds, toys, and everything else to help ensure a Happy Doggo.

We’ve focused on the smaller, independent shops and local chains. The places where the staff will look after your every need and maybe even have a little treat on hand for your pooch. Supporting local businesses like these is absolutely key as they are part of a thriving community.

So whatever you need, it’s time to check out the best pet shops in Alaska

Pet Shops In Alaska

1. Animal Food Warehouse – Palmer

Animal Food Warehouse has a passion for animals, providing its customers with a knowledgeable staff, offering a wide range of high-quality pet food, treats, and other supplies. The staff will take care of you and your pooch while you’re shopping. They carry only the top brands so that your furry friend is getting nothing but the best. The store is open seven days a week for your convenience.

2. AK Bark – Anchorage

AK Bark is a local pet store that carries all-natural pet brands to meet all your pets’ needs. They are open seven days a week, carrying everything your pooch could need from dog food, dog clothes (such as winter jackets), toys, grooming supplies, health and wellness supplements, and so much more. You will be able to find everything you need plus more at this pet store.

3. Animal Friends – Homer

Animal Friends is a non-profit organization to aid animals in local shelters or pets who have wandered away from home. They aim to ensure that every animal is well-loved and has a home. They have a knowledgeable staff who offers a wide variety of affordable products for your pooch. The selection includes trusted food brands, toys, treats, travel gear, supplements, beds, crates, leashes and harnesses, and more. Your dog will thank you later if you shop here.

4. Cad Re Feed & Grandma’s Cpbrd – Soldotna

Whether you have a horse, chickens, enjoy birdwatching, or have a four-legged friend such as a dog or cat, this pet store has you covered. Cad Re Feed & Grandma’s Cpbrd carries the best pet food brands that will cater to your pooch’s specific needs. They also offer toys, leashes, crates, and much more for all dogs, big or small.

5. Island to Island Pet Boutique – Craig

Island to Island Pet Boutique will ensure that your furry friend gets everything they need. They are a veterinarian that offers boarding services for dogs but also carries a variety of supplies. Whether you’re refilling a prescription for your pooch or you need more of their high-quality dog food, you can order it through them. They also carry plenty of other supplies you may need for your doggo, so it’s a one-stop-shop.

6. Alaska Garden & Pet Supply – Anchorage

Alaska Garden & Pet Supply offers various supplies from gardening to wildlife supplies and, of course, domestic animal supplies. You can expect to get what you need for your pooch at this store, whether it’s high-quality dog food, treats, or chews. They also carry toys, grooming supplies, training supplies, crates, beds, collards, and much more.

Pet Shops In Alaska

7. Alaska Feed Co – Fairbanks

You know you’ll be giving your dog the best high-quality dog food with the top-notch brands this store carries. Alaska Feed Co also makes its own homemade dog food that’s healthy and safe for your pooch to eat. This dog food is made by Alaskans and grown in Alaska, so it’s authentic. Your pooch will get tasty and healthy food from this store.

Pet Shops In Alaska

8. Alaska K9 Aquatics – Anchorage

Alaska K9 Aquatics is indoor swimming for your pooch whether they need a little extra exercise or they enjoy swimming. However, that’s not all they offer. This store carries products that are great for outdoor activities such as swimming or hiking. They have collars, harnesses, lifejackets, leashes, and, of course, dog treats for a quick snack for your pooch. If you’re an active family and your furry friend loves to be outdoors with you, this is a great store to check out.

Pet Shops In Alaska

9. The Pet Stop – Anchorage

The Pet Stop offers a lot for your pooch to ensure they’re healthy and safe. They have a variety of veterinarian services but also carry high-quality dog food, treats, and toys. This is to make sure your dog has a pleasant experience at the vet and make sure that your doggo is eating healthy. Whatever your dog needs nutritionally, you can be sure The Pet Stop has it.

Pet Shops In Alaska

10. Stonetree Vet Clinic and Pet Boutique – Ketchikan

Stonetree Vet Clinic and Pet Boutique offer vet services along with a fully stocked pet supply store. Open six days a week, you’ll be able to buy whatever you need for your pooch, whether it’s premium dog food, high-quality treats and toys, beds, crates, leashes, and much more. The staff strives to ensure your dog gets nothing but the best. They’re knowledgeable and will help guide you on whatever your canine companion needs.

Pet Shops In Alaska

Author Happy Doggo
News Hound
Obsessed with dogs and finding all the latest news and trends from around the world.
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