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Pet Shops In Arizona – The 10 Best

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May 25 ·
Pet Shops In Arizona – The 10 Best'

If you want the best pet shops in Arizona for you and your four-legged friend, we have you covered. These businesses are all at the very top of their game and have food, treats, beds, toys, and everything else to help ensure a Happy Doggo.

We’ve focused on the smaller, independent shops and local chains. The places where the staff will look after your every need and maybe even have a little treat on hand for your pooch. Supporting local businesses like these is absolutely key as they are part of a thriving community.

So whatever you need, it’s time to check out the best pet shops in Arizona

Pet Shops In Arizona

1. Pratt’s Pets – Glendale

Pratt’s Pets carries everything you need for your four-legged friend. Whether you have a dog, cat, farm animals, birds, reptiles, or aquatic life, they have you covered. You will be able to find everything you need at this pet store for your pooch. They provide top brands in dog food, various toys, grooming supplies, treats, beds, crates, harnesses, apparel, and other accessories. Your dog will surely thank you for shopping at Pratt’s Pets.

2. Animal Kingdom – Tempe

If you’re looking for high-quality dog food, then Animal Kingdom will have you covered. Not only do they provide healthy dog food, but they also offer other supplies you’ll need when bringing home your puppy. Animal Kingdom strives to find puppies a good, forever home and walk you through the process to ensure everyone is safe and happy. They truly care about the well-being of your pooch here.

3. The Pet Shop – Mesa 

The Pet Shop is open seven days a week to provide you with all your doggo’s needs. They carry various dog supplies from premium dog food, high-quality treats, supplements, and a range of other supplies such as grooming tools, toys, bowls, collars, and other accessories. If you have other animals at home, you can be sure to get what you need for your cat, bird, small animals, or reptile here.

4. Noble Beast – Phoenix

Noble Beast is a natural market for all your pet’s needs. They offer healthy pet food, treats, remedies, supplements, and other supplies for dogs, cats, chickens, and small animals. Your pooch will get nothing but all-natural dog food from top-notch brands. They also keep special orders into account if your dog needs a special diet or has health issues.

5. Pet Supplies Plus – Scottsdale

Pet Supplies Plus offers various services, from grooming to a wellness center to providing pet supplies. They offer a wide range of all-natural, high-quality pet foods and supplies to ensure that you can get what you need for your furry friend. Whatever your pooch needs, you can be sure that this pet store carries it from supplies and accessories to food and health and wellness needs.

6. Pet Planet – Phoenix

Pet Planet carries nothing but healthy options for your furry friend. The staff is knowledgeable in the items they carry and will help you make the right decision about what your pooch needs. They offer dog food, treats, vitamins, dental needs, and health and wellness supplies to ensure your doggo remains happy and healthy inside and out.

Pet Shops Alabama

7. Pet Food Depot – Phoenix

The Pet Food Depot has a wide variety of supplies your pooch needs. All of their products are high-quality, and you’ll be able to find exactly what you need in their huge selection. They only offer top-rated dog food and toys, and other supplies that every dog needs to be happy and healthy. Your dog will be able to go shopping with you and have a great time selecting their new favorite toy.

Pet Shops Alabama

8. Desert Pet – Tuscon

Whether you need dog food, health and wellness supplies, or other accessories for your pooch, Desert Pet will have you covered. They’re open seven days a week so that you can shop whenever convenient for you. You can get what you need for your furry friend plus more if you have other animals at home. The staff here are friendly and will be sure to help you find what you need.

Pet Shops Alabama

9. Sunflower Pet Supply – Tempe

Sunflower Pet Supply carries a variety of dog food brands that are top-notch and high-quality for your pooch. The staff here will help you find the right food for your dog to ensure that they remain healthy and get the right nutritious diet. They also provide premium dog treats, and everything is carefully packaged so that your doggo is getting nothing but the best.

Pet Shops Alabama

10. Paws & Tails Pet Supply Store – Yuma

Paws & Tails Pet Supply Store carries all-natural supplies so that your pooch is getting what they need safely. They carry various dog brands for food, toys, grooming supplies, and other accessories, such as collars, bowls, beds, crates, and more. The store provides toys and top-notch supplements for the health and wellbeing of your furry friend.

Pet Shops Alabama

Author Happy Doggo
News Hound
Obsessed with dogs and finding all the latest news and trends from around the world.
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