Dog Grooming South Dakota – The 10 Best

Looking for the best dog grooming South Dakota options? We have you covered with brilliant businesses in the state, so your best friend is looking incredible. Your dog will be in super safe hands and crucially be among fellow dog lovers in these groomers.

These are the businesses where your dog will get spoiled rotten while having all their grooming needs taken care of. From trimming their coats and nails to baths, pedicures, and even massages, these dog grooming businesses have it all.

If you want your dog looking fantastic and smelling great, then you need to book into one of these dog grooming South Dakota businesses.

Dog Grooming South Dakota

1. Dirty Dog Spa – Sioux Falls

If you need your dog or cat groomed or your dog needs a bath, and you feel like doing it yourself, you can bring your pet to Dirty Dog Spa. They will be more than happy to groom all breeds and sizes of dogs, especially ones who haven’t been groomed before. They will be extra gentle and take care of those who are nervous. All the groomers are educated and certified in dog grooming and love what they do. Your dog will be in good hands.

2. Pooch N Purr – Sioux Falls

This salon strives to create a calm and friendly environment, so your pooch feels welcome and comfortable while they’re getting clean. The groomers are reliable and trustworthy, offering full-service grooming, bathing, nail trims, and ear cleaning. They’re all avid animal lovers and will treat your dog as their own. They’re gentle, friendly, and professional, keeping a clean facility. You know your dog will be well taken care of here.

3. Classy Canine Pet Grooming – Rapid City

You can be sure that your pooch is in safe hands at Classy Canine Pet Grooming. They offer private grooming for senior dogs, nervous pups, and aggressive dogs. You can have the option of staying with your pooch throughout the process, but the groomers are well-trained and have experienced in handling these dogs. They have a gentle touch and are patient to ensure your dog gets a positive experience while getting full-service grooming.

4. Wags N Whiskers – Sioux Falls

Wags N Whiskers provides a fun and loving environment for your dog during their full groom, bath, or just a nail trim. The stylists will pamper your pet, giving them one-on-one attention, so your pooch gets the affection they deserve while making the grooming process stress-free and simple. Their facility is safe and clean, so you know your dog will be in good hands.

5. Puppy Love Pet Grooming – Sioux Falls

The staff at Puppy Love Pet Grooming are knowledgeable and professional. They are all well experienced in dog grooming and strive to meet your needs and do what’s best for your dog. They offer bathing, claw trimming, ear grooming, full grooms, and even hair coloring for custom styles. Your dog will be well-loved here and look its absolute best.

6. 4 Paws Grooming & Daycare – Rapid City

No matter the size or breed of your furry friend, 4 Paws Grooming & Daycare will provide full-service grooming to have your pooch looking and feeling their absolute best. The friendly staff will pamper your pet and treat them as their own. They’re open six days a week for any grooming services, using only all-natural and hypoallergenic products. Your dog will be in good hands here.

7. T & Bonnie’s Grooming – Rapid City

T & Bonnie’s Grooming is open six days a week to pamper your dog or cat, no matter the size or breed. They offer full-service grooming through experienced and friendly staff who will treat your dog as their own. They provide high-quality grooming in a clean and safe environment so that your dog has a positive experience. They’ll come home looking and feeling great.

Dog Grooming South Dakota

8. The Paw Spa – Deadwood

Whether you need grooming, daycare, boarding, or homemade dog treats, then The Paw Spa is the place to be! They offer full grooming services, including spa treatments such as heated towels for your pup’s comfort. The staff strives to create a homey environment and will treat your dog as their own. They’re avid dog lovers, gentle, and friendly. Your pooch will surely enjoy their time at this salon.

Dog Grooming South Dakota

9. D-Tails Pet Salon – Rapid City

D-Tails Pet Salon hits the mark when it comes to providing your pooch with the best care possible. They offer complete grooming with plenty of add-ons, including teeth brushing to ensure that your dog is clean and healthy. They have a calming environment with friendly staff who will pamper your pooch well. Your dog will enjoy their time here.

Dog Grooming South Dakota

10. Paws & Reflect Pet Grooming – Tea

The staff at Paws & Reflect Pet Grooming are dedicated to the safety and well-being of your furry friend. They offer a caring and gentle environment so that your pooch feels at home and well-loved while in the care of the groomers. They’re knowledgeable and talented in what they do and keep the salon sanitized and in tip-top shape. They have an open door concept, so you can watch the grooming being done if you want. Your dog will be in good hands at this salon.

Dog Grooming South Dakota

When it comes to dog grooming South Dakota options, they don’t get any better than these great businesses.

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