The 10 Best Boxer Breeders In America

Find the perfect dog is never easy but with this list of the best Boxer breeders in America you have a great place to start your research. If this is the breed you are after then these ethical well established breeders are the very best in the country.

We’ve picked these 10 using our Award criteria which place a large emphasis on great reviews, happy customers and businesses that consistently deliver on what they promise. The breeders are spread around the country so it may involve a trip to find your perfect puppy but it will be more than worth it.

If it is a Boxer you are after then these awards winning breeders are the best place to start…

Best Boxer Breeders

1. Boxer Blvd – Ohio

Boxer Blvd in Ohio specializes in AKC-registered Boxer puppies. That means you don’t need to have any doubt that your pup is purebred! More importantly, the dogs are happy, healthy, and socialized. That means you get a dog ready to take on the world with you and be your best friend for a long life. The owner has had Boxer pups in their life since they were a child, so they’re very experienced with the breed and what makes for a well-raised Boxer.

Best Boxer Breeders

2. Kloud 9 Boxers & Pugs – Colorado

Kloud 9 Boxers & Pugs breeds different dogs, but Boxers are one of them. They are a small breeder who breeds for quality, not quantity, and have been doing so for over twenty years. That gives them plenty of experience with the dogs! Their children and grandchildren shower the puppies in love, so if you’re looking for a dog you know does well with kids, look no further. These pups get a ton of socialization and love before they ever come to you.

Best Boxer Breeders

3. Boxer Rescue – California

Boxer Rescue in California is not a breeder, but a rescue — so if you’re looking to adopt, look no further! This non-profit organization has been committed to finding loving homes for Boxers who need it for years. They’ll work hard to make sure the dog you get is a fit for you, and you can view all available dogs on their website. These dogs need homes, so if you’re willing to take on an older dog, they’re a perfect choice.

Best Boxer Breeders

4. Big Mac Boxers – Kentucky

Big Mac Boxers has lines of imported European working dogs. This breeder focuses on health and longevity, making sure that every dog they produce has a long and happy life ahead of them. They’re also loyal and devoted family members, because they receive love and socialization right from when they’re born. You won’t find higher-quality Boxers anywhere.

Best Boxer Breeders puppies

5. Winn Creek Boxers – North Carolina

Winn Creek Boxers in North Carolina is a small breeder who has loved Boxers since 1998. With over twenty years of experience with the breed, you can be sure they know what they’re doing. You can look around the site to see the Boxers, and the breeder also welcomes any questions via phone or e-mail. Since you want to be sure you’re getting the right dog for you, that open communication and welcome is extremely important in a breeder.

6. JCS Boxers – Florida

In Florida, JCS Boxers breeds from world champion bloodlines. They are a responsible breeder who provides healthy, happy puppies, with a wealth of client testimonials on their website to back that up. They place a huge emphasis on nutrition to make sure you get the healthiest puppy possible, and can provide you with a whole lot of education on the matter. One of the best best Boxer breeders in America.

7. Sitsler Boxers – Oklahoma

Sitsler Boxers in Oklahoma provides AKC-registrable dogs that are of the highest quality and health. If you get a Boxer from them, you’ll have a puppy that’s ready to be loved and be your new partner in life. Check out the client testimonials on their website for proof! They also do provide dogs for breeding, if you’re not looking for a pet companion.

8. Beyond Beautiful Boxers – Colorado

Beyond Beautiful Boxers truly lives up to its name in Colorado. This family-style breeder truly loves the pups they produce, and works hard to give you not only beautiful but gentle and healthy Boxer puppies. Every dog is health-checked and considered to be a member of the family, so they get the care and socialization they need before coming to you.

9. Mountain Crest Boxers – Montana

Mountain Crest Boxers in Montana has raised European Boxers for over twenty years, so they know the breed well. They have high-quality Boxers and are only interested in selling to people who will provide them with the same love and care they do. That’s how you can be sure they care about their pups! These puppies are the perfect blend of appearance, temperament, and health.

10. Carbine Boxers – Texas

Carbine Boxers in Texas has a real love of Boxers ever since a stray followed them home when they were a child. They have owned and bred Boxers for over twenty years, so they have plenty of experience with the breed. They understand you’re paying a lot for your dog, so they strive to make sure the dogs are healthy and happy. They’ll do everything they can to provide you with a great pet that will be with you for a long time.

Our goal is to improve the life of dogs and their owners across the world. If you want the best local information or some doggy inspiration then you have come to the right place.

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