The 10 Best Pomeranian Breeders In America

Find the perfect dog is never easy but with this list of the best Pomeranian breeders in America you have a great place to start your research. If this is the breed you are after then these ethical well established breeders are the very best in the country.

We’ve picked these 10 using our Award criteria which place a large emphasis on great reviews, happy customers and businesses that consistently deliver on what they promise. The breeders are spread around the country so it may involve a trip to find your perfect puppy but it will be more than worth it.

If it is a Pomeranian you are after then these awards winning breeders are the best place to start…

Best Pomeranian Breeders

1. Char’s Pomeranians – Michigan

Char’s Pomeranians in Michigan is another great breeder of Poms. Their Poms leave home a little later than eight weeks like many breeders do, because it gives them more time to invest in training and socialization. If you want a puppy who’s a little more advanced with their manners by the time they get to you, look no further.

2. Foufou Puppies – Nationwide

Foufou Puppies aims to provide responsibly-bred puppies that are free of any health issues and have great temperaments. They have a very unique set up as a breeder, with puppies flying from South Korea to their forever homes. They breed Poms in many sizes and colors, so you can find your dream dog here.

3. Ryan’s Precious Pomeranians – Texas

This breeder in Texas is absolutely dedicated to healthy Poms, and they know that’s the most important thing. This breeder has been at work for twenty years, and has plenty of experience behind them. Best of all, the puppies are raised inside of the home around children and cats. That means you can be sure your Pomeranian will fit well into the situation at home you’ve already established. They come well-loved, confident, and ready for life!

Best Pomeranian Breeders

4. Priceless Poms – Pennsylvania

Priceless Poms is a great breeder in Pennsylvania. They are a hobby breeder. Their Poms are registered with the AKC and you can look at their website to see numerous client testimonials raving about the great dog they got! The key to breeding is to balance health, temperament, and beauty, and Priceless Poms has certainly managed to do so considering the amazing dogs they put out.

Best Pomeranian Breeders

5. Smoky Mountain Pomskies – Tennessee

Smoky Mountain Pomskies in Tennessee is a family-owned breeder that has been at work since 2015. In that time, they’ve been perfecting their program and puppies. They only breed the healthiest dogs and they work hard to provide lifetime support for the owner of any of their puppies. You can contact them any time for advice if you need it. Good breeders are also good support systems!

Best Pomeranian Breeders

6. Platinum Pomskies – Arizona

Platinum Pomskies in Arizona crosses the Siberian Husky with the Pomeranian to create Pomskies. They have DNA-tested parents and are well-respected within the Pomsky community because of their ethical practices. They have been breeding since 2016, and the parents are screened for over one hundred and sixty-five genetic conditions to ensure you get the healthiest puppy possible. This cross combines the best traits of the Pomeranian and the Husky.

Best Pomeranian Breeders

7. Midwest-Pomeranian – South Dakota

Mid-West Pomeranian in South Dakota is a breeder with seven Pomeranians, so they know the breed well! Their puppies are raised in the home around children of all ages to ensure they fit in well with whatever family they go to. They know love from the moment they’re born, so you have no worries about having a fearful, unsocialized dog. This breeder truly cares, as any good breeder should.

Best Pomeranian Breeders

8. Florida Pom – Florida

Florida Pom will provide you with lots of puppy pictures while your puppy is growing up so you can see their environment and always feel like you’re part of their life. They have Poms in a variety of colors, including rare ones, so it’s easy to find your dream pup here. The puppies are raised in a home so they know love and socialization from the moment they’re born and go on to be happy and confident dogs. What else could you ask for from your new dog? One of the very best Pomeranian breeders in America.

Best Pomeranian Breeders

9. Keen Pomeranians – Alabama

Keen Pomeranians in Alabama is worth the trip. This breeder’s first Pom was gifted to them when they graduated highschool, and the rest is history. They fell in love, as it’s easy to do with Poms. They know Pomeranians are a joy and strive to share that with the world by providing healthy and happy puppies to pet homes. Their Pomeranians are also beautiful to boot.

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