The 5 Best Dog Breeders In Vermont

If you are looking for a new puppy and want to find the best dog breeders In Vermont this useful list is the ideal starting point. These are the ethical breeders that follow the highest standards to ensure that their customers leave happy with a beautiful dog that they will enjoy for life.

Picking a dog is a big undertaking and finding the right breed is half the challenge. These breeders will be happy to talk you through the temperament of their dogs and how to get started with caring for the animal.

If you want the very best breeders near you then these are the best businesses to start with (you can see our criteria here)…

Dog Breeders In Vermont

1. Ural Hill Sled Dogs – East Hardwick

Ural Hill Sled Dogs is a breeder of AKC-registered Siberian huskies. They test all of their dogs before breeding, including their eyes, and make sure their pups are microchipped before giving them away. They pride themselves on being here to help however you need it, so they can make sure you’re very prepared for your new puppy. You can always call them with any questions you have! Dog breeders don’t come much better than this.

2. Kirby Mountain Kennels – Kirby

Kirby Mountain Kennels is a breeder specializing in sporting dogs, such as the Labrador Retriever and Cocker Spaniel. If you want a dog with great stamina, this is for you. They have made sure their breeding program is well-researched to ensure the puppies are in great health. You can follow them on Facebook for frequent updates and to ask questions.

3. Wright’s Mountain Goldens – Danville

Wright’s Mountain Goldens has been breeding Golden Retrievers since 1999. This breeder has a wealth of experience with this amazing family dog, so you don’t have to worry about getting a good one. The puppies are in perfect health and well-socialized from day one. Some pups even end up as therapy dogs, so you know there’s no shortage of amazing intelligence here!

Dog Breeders In Vermont

4. Edge of Time Border Collies – Lunenburg

Edge of Time Border Collies breeds amazing dogs in Lunenberg. They have dedicated themselves to producing healthy, happy pups for over twenty years now. All dogs are registered with a legitimate registry. Their website even has a bunch of handy training tips and resources. Border Collies are intelligent, high-energy dogs who need dedicated owners. This breeder makes sure they get them.

Dog Breeders In Vermont

5. Stronghold German Shepherds – Wolcott

Stronghold German Shepherds breeds in Wolcott and provides amazing dogs. They want to balance character, beauty, health, and intelligence, and they’ve been doing so for a long time. They know that the dogs and puppies are part of the family. That means they’re well-socialized and come to you ready to take on the world with their new partner.

Dog Breeders In Vermont

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