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South Carolina

Vets In South Carolina – The 10 Best

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Jun 4 ·
Vets In South Carolina – The 10 Best'

You’ll want to give your beloved four-legged friend the best care possible, so we have picked the best vets in South Carolina. These are the businesses that go above and beyond to ensure you have a very happy doggo.

From getting their vaccinations as a puppy through care and support throughout your dog’s life these vets will have you covered. Everybody knows it can be stressful for both you and your pet heading to the vets but you will be in the hands of true professionals.

You will find the perfect vet and overall experience at one of these wonderful spots…

The Best Vets In South Carolina

1. Ebenezer Animal Hospital – Rock Hill

You know your dog will be in great hands at the Ebenezer Animal Hospital because they offer top-notch pet care. They offer full-service treatments so your pooch can get what it needs all in one place. The professional staff truly cares about the health and wellbeing of your pup. Plus, they have their own app to keep track of your furry friend’s medical records and chat with a nurse if needed.

2. Palmetto Veterinary Medicine & Surgery – McConnells

Whether your doggo needs a routine exam, laser therapy, dental care, emergency critical care, or anything in between, this clinic has you covered. The Palmetto Veterinary Medicine & Surgery offers full-service care for all of your animals at home. Friendly, professional staff run the facility. They’ll treat your pooch as their own. You know your dog will be in good hands here.

3. Carolina Forest Veterinary Hospital – Myrtle Beach

Your dog’s health and wellbeing are the top priority for the staff at Carolina Forest Veterinary Hospital. The vets are experienced, friendly, and will treat your pup like their own. Various services are provided, such as annual wellness visits, routine vaccinations, surgery, ultrasounds, digital x-rays, and more. Boarding and grooming are also provided so your doggo can be healthy inside and out. Also, they have a patient portal online where you can have easy access to all of your dog’s medical records. One of the best vets In South Carolina.

4. Animal Hospital of South Carolina – Pawleys Island

You and your pooch will never be alone at the Animal Hospital of South Carolina. They are open six days a week for all of your needs through various care services. Your pooch will be in good hands here. The facility is clean with a friendly team of experienced staff members. Also, they provide many resources for you as a pet parent.

5. Cherokee Trail Veterinary Hospital – Lexington

The Cherokee Trail Veterinary Hospital is AAHA Accredited and fear-free certified. So, you know your furry friend will be well cared for at this clinic. The facility is run by a dedicated team of friendly and professional doctors. Full-service care is provided, such as dentistry, preventative & wellness care, surgery, diagnostics, hospice care, and more. Also, they have an in-house pharmacy where you can get all you need in one place.

6. Midlands Veterinary Practice – Seven Oaks

Whether your dog needs wellness care, dental care, radiology, emergency care, or anything in between, this facility has you covered. You and your furry friend will be treated like family at At Midlands Veterinary Practice. The knowledgeable staff takes your dog’s health and wellbeing seriously and will provide top-notch care for them.

7. College Park Road Vet Clinic – Ladson

College Park Road Vet Clinic will cater to all of you and your dog’s needs six days a week. They have flexible scheduling and even take emergency cases so that you can get what you need when you need it. Also, they offer an online pharmacy where you can auto-ship medication and other pet supplies to your house. Your dog will be in good hands here with the loving, experienced staff offering full-service care.

Vets In South Carolina

8. South Carolina Veterinary Specialists – Seven Oaks

Whether your pooch needs a routine check-up or they’re feeling sick, or it’s an emergency, the South Carolina Veterinary Specialists will take great care of you. Your furry friend will receive top-notch care from their board-certified specialists and emergency veterinarians. The clinic is clean and a friendly environment, so you and your dog will feel comfortable and at ease. Plus, the facility is AAHA Accredited, so you know your dog will be in good hands.

Vets In South Carolina

9. Ambassador Animal Hospital – Forest Acres

Ambassador Animal Hospital is AAHA Accredited and offers various services. For example, they provide wellness, medical, surgical, dental, laser therapy, diagnostics, and more. Whatever your doggo needs, this clinic will help. Also, they have pet boarding in case you need to go away somewhere. The friendly, knowledgeable staff will treat your pup like their own. You know they’ll be in good hands here.

Vets In South Carolina

10. Griffin Animal Hospital – Columbia

The loving and professional staff at Griffin Animal Hospital will provide high-quality care through their many services. No matter what your dog needs, you’ll be able to get it here. They offer full-service care along with boarding, grooming, nutritional counseling, and more. Your pooch will be in great hands here. In addition, they have an online pharmacy for your convenience.

Vets In South Carolina

You can find lots of other great dog businesses in the state of South Carolina here. A great selection of the best vets In South Carolina.

Author Happy Doggo
News Hound
Obsessed with dogs and finding all the latest news and trends from around the world.
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