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Shepsky Puppies

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Nov 19 ·

Have you been considering Shepsky puppies in your hunt for a new dog? Shepsky puppies are adorable, and are becoming increasingly popular.

However, as with any dog, you should do your research before you bring any dog into the new family. Here’s what you need to know about this German Shepherd and Husky mix.

Where To Get Shepsky Puppies

If you’re committed to adoption, there’s some good news here. Shepsky puppies are actually not too difficult to find in shelters. Because Huskies and German Shepherds are common breeds and accidental litters happen often (a lot of the time with irresponsible owners, so they end up in shelters!), adopting a Shepsky puppy is not a wild idea. They’re not as much of a designer breed as, say, Doodles, so you can call around shelters and ask. Rebel…

Be prepared to wait if you specifically want a puppy, though. If you’re willing to accept more breeds mixed in or an older dog, that wait will be shorter.

You can also choose to get a Shepsky puppy from a breeder, but you should be wary. Backyard breeders are common amongst mixed breeds, as they don’t require as much vetting as purebred dogs. They’ll often mix dogs together that haven’t been health-tested or selectively chosen, which can result in unhealthy puppies and aggressive temperaments.

If you do go to a breeder, at least make sure they have health records for the parents, shot records for the puppies, and you can meet the parents to check they’re friendly and sociable. Temperament is often genetic in dogs.

The Cost

The cost will depend on where you get your puppy from. From a breeder, this dog could cost upwards of $800 depending on the lines they come from. From a shelter, the cost will be significantly less and usually has some advantages. Shelters often include microchipping, spaying/neutering, and shots in their adoption fee, as they’re not looking to make a profit. Lunaslife…


The appearance of your Shepsky will depend on which parent they take after most and the percentages of each breed. What you can count on is a fairly large dog with pricked ears and a mix of the German Shepherd and Husky coat. These dogs will probably shed a lot, so be aware!


German Shepherds and Huskies have quite different temperaments so, again, it will depend on which breed they take after most. German Shepherds tend to be rather reserved with strangers whereas Huskies are friendly and family-oriented, and tend to be very social. The best way to ensure your dog is happy and friendly with strangers is to socialize them from an early age. Make sure they get plenty of experience with strangers and every meeting is a good one, with lots of treats. Don’t force them into situations they’re uncomfortable in.

This dog will be relatively high-energy, so having a backyard is ideal — but not necessary if you’re willing to take them for long walks and to the park to get some of that energy out. They’re also very intelligent, so will be happy to learn tricks and manners for treats. Train them with positive reinforcement, love, and care, and you’ll have a great companion. Lifeofslump…

Shepsky Puppies – Veterinary Needs

German Shepherds and Huskies can be prone to some health issues, such as hip dysplasia. What helps is having the parents tested for this and keeping up with vet check-ups every year so something can be done as soon as possible if they start to show signs.

Otherwise, your puppy will have the same veterinary needs as any other dog. You should make sure they get their puppy shots, usually starting at around eight weeks old. This will be a series of three or four injections to protect them against parvovirus, distemper, and other nasty diseases. Rabies and Bordetella vaccines will also be administered after this, to protect them from kennel cough.

Monthly flea and heartworm prevention medicine is essential too. Astra…


When it comes to picking a kibble for your puppy, there are a few things to bear in mind.

The first is that you should never choose a grain-free food, as this has been linked to heart disease in dogs.

The second is that you should do your research on the ingredients. Sometimes, food is more full of filler than nutrients, which can be a real problem when it comes to making sure your dog gets everything they need. Ask your vet for advice on brands when in doubt.

With this breed, you may also want to pick a food specifically for large breeds.

Some owners choose to forego kibble altogether and feed raw, which has many benefits. Just make sure you use meals prepared by a dog nutritionist who knows what they’re doing, as dogs are omnivores who need a lot of things in their diet. Micco…

Shepsky Puppies


Because Huskies shed a lot, you’ll likely have a dog that needs to be brushed very frequently.

Otherwise, you should keep up to date with cleaning their ears and teeth. Nail care is also essential. Trim or file down their nails with a Dremel every six to eight weeks to ensure they aren’t tapping on the floor and causing them discomfort. If your dog is uncomfortable with the process, provide lots of high-value treats to give them a positive association with it.

Shepsky Puppies – Photos


Shepsky Puppies eyes


Shepsky Puppies black


Shepsky Puppies cute


Shepsky Puppies

Author Happy Doggo
News Hound
Obsessed with dogs and finding all the latest news and trends from around the world.
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