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Shiloh Shepherd Puppies

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Nov 22 ·

Have you been looking at Shiloh Shepherd puppies recently, wondering if they’re the right companion for you?

Here’s everything you need to know about them.

Where To Get Shiloh Shepherd Puppies

Shiloh Shepherds are beautiful, big dogs that can be quite unusual. Tinsley…

That means they’re unlikely to be found in shelters. If you’re willing to adopt an older dog or a dog who may be a Shiloh Shepherd lookalike, you may be able to find one in a shelter! This is very possible, as Shepherd mixes are often up for adoption.

Just be aware that shelters usually can’t guarantee the exact breed of your dog. However, adopting is always a good thing to do if it’s right for you so if you’re flexible, go to your local shelters and look at the dogs there to see if you can’t find a companion for you.

Your other option is to seek out a breeder.

The main thing to consider is that you don’t want a backyard breeder or puppy mill. These breeders raise puppies in poor conditions from parents who weren’t health-tested and may even have poor temperaments. That means you could end up with a dog who needs a lot of veterinary care and training, tempting as it is to get a cheap puppy.

Instead, look for reputable breeders of Shiloh Shepherd puppies. If a breeder has a spay/neuter contract in place, health-tested and AKC-registered parents, and a willingness to answer questions, chances are, they’re ethical. Still, you should ask lots of questions to make sure their puppies are right for you. Togo…

The Cost

A Shiloh Shepherd is likely to cost anywhere between $1000 and $2000. If you see a breeder selling one for much less, it’s a red flag, so don’t be tempted. Always do the research necessary.


Shiloh Shepherds are large dogs that look a lot like German Shepherds, with a variety of coat colors and markings. They have pricked ears and a long tail. Be aware — those coats do shed a lot.


Although their size may look daunting, these dogs are great family companions. They love their humans and know how to be gentle with children (though you should make sure you supervise interactions, just in case!). They’re often used for service or therapy dogs because they’re so kind in nature. This breed is notoriously affectionate and loving. Freetobeg…

Not only that, but they’re smart too. Whereas a lot of smart dogs have a stubborn streak, the Shiloh Shepherd is actually very eager to please and ready to learn. They should pick up on house manners fairly quickly and can learn a variety of fun tricks.

They do need plenty of exercise to keep them amused. While a fenced-in backyard is ideal, you can own one successfully without if you’re prepared to take them on long walks and give them space somewhere to run. If they don’t get the exercise they need, they could become destructive.

Shiloh Shepherd Puppies – Veterinary Needs

Shiloh Shepherds are predisposed to some health conditions, like hip dysplasia. They can also be prone to bloat. Bloat can be very dangerous in dogs, so make sure you don’t vigorously exercise your dog right after they’ve eaten, as this can be very dangerous. Togo…

Otherwise, their health needs are the same as any other pup! They’ll need a series of puppy shots when they’re younger and until they’re done with these, should be kept away from other dogs and areas with dog traffic. This is because they could pick up parvovirus, distemper, and other nasty diseases from the ground. These viruses can live for a long time there.

After that, they’ll need booster shots and a check-up every year. Make sure you keep them up to date on flea and heartworm meds too.


Owners have a major debate between themselves: raw or kibble?

If you choose to feed raw, you should use a subscription service or a nutritional expert. Trying to prepare raw meals by yourself with no prior research is no good for your dog, who is an omnivore with complex dietary needs.

Feeding your dog kibble is a convenient option and can be perfectly healthy, as long as you bear a few things in mind when choosing food for your dog. Never feed your dog a grain-free diet, as it has been linked to heart disease in dogs. You should also ensure you’re choosing a brand with more nutrients than fillers. Cheap foods often stuff their food with the latter. You may also want to consider a large breed formula for this dog. Kodiak…


Make sure you brush your Shiloh Shepherd regularly to prevent mats. Professional grooming appointments are also a good idea.

You’ll also have to clip their nails around every six to eight weeks, though this time varies by dog. Make sure they don’t get so long they’re uncomfortable or could get caught on things. You can use a Dremel or clippers for this, though the noise of the Dremel can be intimidating for the dog. Make sure to provide lots of high-value treats to bribe them and create a positive association!

Shiloh Shepherd Puppies – Photos


Shiloh Shepherd Puppies


Shiloh Shepherd Puppies


Shiloh Shepherd Puppies


Shiloh Shepherd Puppies black


Shiloh Shepherd Puppies cute

Author Happy Doggo
News Hound
Obsessed with dogs and finding all the latest news and trends from around the world.
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