If you want to leave your dog in one of the very best spots then these Doggy day care New Mexico options are absolutely ideal for you. Choosing a safe and fun place will give you huge peace of mind that your four legged friend is having a great time while you go to work or go about your day.

These are the very best businesses in the state. The places that go above and beyond for you dog and who have brilliant staff and the best equipment. The sorts of businesses where no detail is too small and where creativity and creating a memorable day for your dog is the absolute key.

Be prepared for your dog to absolutely love spending time at these doggy day care New Mexico spots…

Doggy Day Care New Mexico

1. Zoomies Dog Daycare and Resort – Santa Fe

Zoomies lives up to its name by creating an entirely cage-free facility for your dog — so they can have the zoomies all day, if they’d like! Even when boarding, they have access to couches, futons, and beds, rather than being crated and stuck away. If you have a dog who thrives on freedom and company, Zoomies provides a truly unique experience. They even have someone staying with them all night to make sure everything is okay.

2. New Mexican Kennels – Albuquerque

New Mexican Kennels takes care of not just dogs but cats and other small animals, meaning you can go there for all of your animal needs if you have more than just dogs. What makes them unique is that playtime is offered with a supervisor just for your dog, so they have 1-on-1 attention rather than someone trying to keep an eye on many dogs at once.

3. Pet Paradise – Rio Rancho

Pet Paradise truly is a paradise. For their doggy daycare — which they call day camp — they offer swimming pools, jungle gyms, endless toys, mist and shade stations, and everything else you could want for your dog to be completely satisfied with their time there. They even send home a report card so you can find out exactly how your dog did and get feedback on their socialization!

4. Cottonwood Pet Resort – Alamogordo

Cottonwood pride themselves on the fact that they don’t just pretend to care about dogs, but they actually do! Dogs are their passion, and it shows in their work. Locally owned, they offer daycare, boarding, training, and veterinary care, so whatever your dog needs, they have it. They cut no corners when delivering the best care possible in every situation.

5. Mis Amigos Pet Care Center – Arena Valley

Mis Amigos Pet Care Center customizes its daycare for all dogs to ensure they have the best and safest time possible. They place dogs with others that match well with them in a playtime situation, and they pay careful attention to whether your dog would rather be left alone a little more or whether they thrive on human attention! They’re happy to adapt and make it the best possible experience.

6. Canine Castle – Farmington

The only daycare in the four corners with a behaviorist and certified trainer on staff, if you want your dog to have the best supervision, this is where they should go. They’re certified in first aid, so if you take your dog here, you can be sure they’re in the best hands possible.

Day Care New Mexico

7. Canine Country Club – Albuquerque

Providing daycare, boarding, and grooming for your dog — as well as services for cats — Canine Country Club’s goal is to provide your dog with an enriching and stimulating environment that’s far better for them than being left home alone all day. They even have a treat menu for your canine, from ice cream to an all-beef hotdog! If you want to spoil your pup, this place allows you to do so.

Day Care New Mexico

8. Beck ‘n Call Pet Services – Albuquerque

Another facility that offers daycare, boarding, and grooming, as well as cat services, Beck ‘n Call is a cage-free and collar-free facility for the safety of your dog. They offer tours of the facility to ensure everyone is comfortable, and add-ons such as individual ball play, a walk, and a stuffed KONG for them to enjoy.

Day Care New Mexico

9. Paws Plaza – Santa Fe

Paws Plaza has a climbing mountain and agility playground, so your dog can really satisfy their need to exercise and burn off all their energy! They also offer training, unlike a lot of facilities, and put a focus on things that will keep your dog safe and comfortable, like loose leash walking.

Day Care New Mexico

10. Caring Paws Doggie Day Care – Albuquerque

This doggy daycare is mostly an outdoor play area with a large fence to keep your dog safe and secure. They have food and water available, as well as cool outdoor playsets for your pup to have fun with! They also, of course, have an indoor area when the weather isn’t too great. They’re open 365 days a year so regardless of when you need your dog taken care of, they’re there for you.

Day Care New Mexico