If you want to leave your dog in one of the very best spots then these Doggy day care Rhode Island options are absolutely ideal for you. Choosing a safe and fun place will give you huge peace of mind that your four legged friend is having a great time while you go to work or go about your day.

These are the very best businesses in the state. The places that go above and beyond for you dog and who have brilliant staff and the best equipment. The sorts of businesses where no detail is too small and where creativity and creating a memorable day for your dog is the absolute key.

Be prepared for your dog to absolutely love spending time at these doggy day care Rhode Island spots…

Doggy Day Care Rhode Island

1. The Barking Lot – Providence

The Barking Lot in Providence, Rhode Island is one of the best doggy daycare centers for your beloved furry friend. Not only do they provide daycare services Monday through Saturday, but you can also bring your pooch there for grooming, boarding, and training with a certified professional dog trainer. The Barking Lot is a family-owned business where the staff is trained in dog behavior, training, and animal CPR and first aid. Your pup will surely feel comfortable here and have a lot of fun with their doggy friends!

2. My BFF Resort – Johnston

My BFF Resort is a wonderful choice as they offer a plethora of services, from daycare (even on the weekends and holidays), nighttime care, boarding, grooming, and more. The staff is professionally trained. They love and care for your pet as if the dogs were their own. The playrooms have security cameras so you can check in throughout the day along with a gallery on the website. They also offer pet CPR classes so your pup is safe at all times.

3. K9 to 5 Dog Center – Providence

If you need a safe and fun place for your dog during the week, K9 to 5 Dog Center is a good choice. Your furry friend is bound to have a good time here as this facility has two indoor and two outdoor play areas. The dogs will engage in group and individual play and take field trips to the local dog park. The dogs are divided by their energy levels so they’ll always play with other dogs that can keep up with them.

4. Lucky Dog Resort – Middletown

Daycare at the Lucky Dog Resort also called the Lucky Dog Social Club, will ensure your pup to be happy, healthy, and sociable with other dogs and people. Your dog will be supervised at all times, enjoy mental stimulation while getting fresh air, and plenty of exercise. The Lucky Dog Resort also offers boarding, dog training, and will even chauffeur your pooch around for the day of your wedding.

5. Bow Chika Wow Town – Warwick

With 24-hour staffing, Bow Chike Wow Town will ensure your pooch has a wonderful, fun day at daycare. The dogs are cage-free and they have their own indoor dog park. The pups are able to romp and play with one another so they get plenty of social time with other dogs and humans. This facility also offers grooming, training, and puppy school. The best part? If you’re running late, they have a shuttle service so they will pick up your dog in the morning and drop them off back home in the afternoon.

6. Metropet Dog Center – Warwick

Metropet Dog Center is a family-owned facility that offers riding services, boarding, grooming, and daycare. Playgroups are split, depending on size and energy levels. This way, your pooch will be able to make friends and they won’t get overlooked. The indoor playroom is climate-controlled and is 5,000 square feet of space. Their three outdoor play areas total 10,000 square feet, allowing the dogs to roam freely and get all their energy out.

7. Dogtopia – Warwick

Dogtopia provides grooming, boarding, and daycare services with webcam access so you can check in on your furry friend throughout the day. The indoor playrooms are climate-controlled so your dog will be at the perfect temperature all day long. These rooms are also sanitized daily with pet-friendly cleaners to keep everyone healthy and safe. The staff is certified dog trainers who work with a behaviorist, biologist, and veterinarian to ensure your pooch is safe and healthy all day.

Day Care Rhode Island

8. Friends of Toto – Pawtucket

The staff and overall environment at Friends of Toto will keep your dog happy, healthy, and safe throughout the day. Your dog will receive exercise and socialization from other dogs and humans. The staff is well-trained to keep the environment fun and stress-free for your pooch. There is an outdoor playroom along with an indoor playroom that contains rubber flooring that’s comfortable and safe.

Day Care Rhode Island

9. My Lucky Dog Daycare – Smithfield

The space offers nearly 14,000 square feet of space for your pooch to play. It is spread between the indoor playroom and the yard. The staff is highly trained to keep the pups safe and they’re supervised the entire time. They’re open six days a week and offer a multitude of services such as boarding, training, and grooming. This facility is family-owned with one goal in mind: to create a safe, clean, and caring environment for your furry friend to learn and grow.

Day Care Rhode Island

10. Bark Republic – North Providence

With CPR-certified staff, Bark Republic creates a safe, crate-free environment for your dog. The indoor play area is divided into two. This allows your dog to choose how to spend their day. They can rest and take a nap on one side or they can play and romp with their friends on the other side. The staff is always supervising the pups and care for your dog with plenty of cuddles and pets. A paradise for dogs.

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