If you want to leave your dog in one of the very best spots then these Doggy day care South Dakota options are absolutely ideal for you. Choosing a safe and fun place will give you huge peace of mind that your four legged friend is having a great time while you go to work or go about your day.

These are the very best businesses in the state. The places that go above and beyond for you dog and who have brilliant staff and the best equipment. The sorts of businesses where no detail is too small and where creativity and creating a memorable day for your dog is the absolute key.

Be prepared for your dog to absolutely love spending time at these doggy day care South Dakota spots…

Doggy Day Care South Dakota

1. Paws & Relax – Spearfish

Housed at Spearfish Animal Hospital, so rest assured, your dog is well taken care of during the day. The staff is training in canine behavior as well as medically trained. The indoor play area is climate-controlled with rubber flooring that’s easy on the joints and simple to clean and sanitize. They have an outdoor area that is covered in K9 grass so that’s it’s safe and pet-friendly. Plus, your pooch will stay clean. If they stay overnight, your dog will get a complimentary bath before going home.

2. Dog Days – Sioux Falls

Dog Days welcomes all dogs of any breed. They are welcome to play in one of the three large indoor play areas with rubber flooring. They also have four outdoor areas with pet-friendly artificial turf. The staff is friendly, caring, and loving. They’ll treat your dog as if they were their own. Your pooch will feel right at home with plenty of love and attention from the humans and will make plenty of friends with the other dogs.

3. The Resort by SDK – Harrisburg

Your dog will have a grand time at The Resort by SDK. You can bring your dog there for a few hours six days a week and have extra fun on the weekends. The Resort is an indoor play area for your dog where they can get plenty of playtime and socialization with other dogs. You can stay with your pooch and watch as they explore the various play structures within the area.

4. Groom & Board – Spearfish

With professional dog groomers and dog trainers, the staff at Groom & Board will give your pooch plenty of love and attention. Dogs have a large kennel to themselves with a cot and their own toys, should they bring them from home. They can play together with the other dogs during their stay within the outdoor fenced-in area. The facility is cleaned and sanitized multiple times a day and a vet tech is always on-call. You can be sure your pooch is in good hands.

5. Safe Haven Pet Resort – Rapid City

Your dog will have a great time at the Safe Haven Pet Resort. Dogs can romp around with one another in the indoor play area, wade in the kiddie pool when it’s warm, or they can simply lounge on the couch, take a nap, or watch TV. This daycare is open seven days a week for your pooch to get physical and mental stimulation as well as socialization with other dogs and a friendly staff.

6. Marta’s Deadwood Doghouse – Sturgis

Your dog will have a fun time at Marta’s Deadwood Doghouse with a fun schedule to keep them stimulated all day. They will have scheduled playtime with the other dogs, a scheduled nap time, and scheduled individual time with the staff. The dogs are divided into their own groups, depending on their energy levels, social skills, and size. The indoor areas are temperature-controlled and are a safe and friendly environment with a loving staff.

7. 4 Paws Grooming & Daycare – Rapid City

With indoor and outdoor play areas, dogs will have a fun time at 4 Paws Grooming & Daycare. The dogs will always be supervised when playing with others. Dogs will be introduced to the other days slowly so they can get used to the staff first. Your pooch can have a bed for naps during the day. Individual play is also available. You can also check out their grooming services!

Doggy Day Care South Dakota

8. Canine Country Club – Brookings

Your dog’s schedule will be filled with a lot of playtime during their stay at the Canine Country Club. They will be part of a fun, safe, and stimulating environment with plenty of socialization with the staff and the other dogs. They’ll be fed breakfast and dinner, along with treats and individual playtime, and rest. The staff is friendly and caring and they’re all trained well in various ways to care for your pooch, such as grooming, behavior, training, and medical.

Doggy Day Care South Dakota

9. All Seasons Pet Care – Piedmont

The staff at All Seasons Pet Care have a multitude of experience in all things dogs and other animals. Your dog will be well taken care of here. If you need your pup to get socialized with other dogs or want them to get some energy out during the day, then the doggy daycare services provided are a good option. Your dog can play in a group or individual, depending on their needs. The environment is comforting and safe and your dog will be stress-free all day long with a daily routine.

Doggy Day Care South Dakota

10. Happy Dog – Sioux Falls

When your dog stays at Happy Dog, they will certainly be happy. They’ll have a large outdoor fenced-in area to romp around with the other dogs. They’ll receive physical and mental stimulation along with socialization with the other dogs. Playtime is supervised by the loving staff. Your pooch will also receive grooming services as well if needed.

Doggy Day Care South Dakota