Rachel is a stay-at-home pet mom, caring for her dog, cat, turtle, tortoise, and fish. She's a content writer in various niches but most notably in the pet field, educating pet parents on the health and wellbeing of their furry friends. When she's not writing, she's reading, playing video games, or organizing something.

Stray Dogs In Cambodia – What You Should Do If You Find One

Rachel Poli Author
May 4 ·
stray dogs in cambodia

There are about five million dogs in Cambodia. But unfortunately, the majority of that number are stray dogs. So, let’s talk about stray dogs in Cambodia and what you should do if you find one.

Cambodian Culture And Dogs

Dogs make great pets in Cambodia. However, most families don’t spend the money and time with their dogs as they should. As a result, unwanted animals are often dumped on the streets.

However, this is partly due to Cambodia not having much veterinary capacity. So, even domesticated animals can’t always get what they need to stay healthy.

Unfortunately, dogs are a huge part of the meat trading industry in Cambodia. There are slaughterhouses there in which dogs are often killed for their meat.

Today, most people in Cambodia (and worldwide) are trying their best to shut down the dog meat trading industry. 

For instance, in 2021, a dog charity helped save 61 dogs from being transported to slaughterhouses.

Health Concerns For Humans From Stray Dogs

Even though most dogs are friendly around humans, humans still need to be careful.

Since Cambodia is big on dog meat trading, the street dogs may be more skittish or aggressive.

Also, street dogs aren’t usually vaccinated against diseases such as rabies. As a result, dogs can bite humans and come in contact with cats, other dogs, and other animals. Thus, they spread the disease.

Unfortunately, rabies is the cause of about 800 human deaths per year. These cases are often from a stray dog bite.

Cambodia Laws About Stray Dogs

Unfortunately, dogs in Cambodia don’t have too many rights. While it’s considered neglect if a dog is abandoned, there aren’t enough resources for pet parents to give their dogs the proper care they need.

For example, there aren’t too many consequences if you abandon your dog. However, animal shelters and other charities are doing their best to prevent this from happening.

Also, if you find a stray dog, you don’t have to help it if you don’t want to. But, on the other hand, it’s okay for you to feed the dog or take it into your own home or bring it to an animal shelter.

Advice For Helping Stray Dogs In Cambodia

There are many ways you can help a stray dog in Cambodia. You can provide a temporary shelter for them, feed them, nurse them back to health, or try to catch them and bring them to an animal shelter.

It might have a wide range of emotions if you encounter a stray. They could be super friendly and come right up to you. Or they might be too nervous to be within a few feet of you. In that case, you don’t want to get too close to them. 

So, if you’re able to get near the dog, one of the first things you can do is check its collar for an ID tag. This will typically have the phone number of the dog’s owner. You can call them and meet you where you are to pick up their dog.

However, if they don’t have a collar, they may or may not have a home. Bring them to a local vet or shelter if the pup is friendly enough and allows you to capture them.

The vet will be able to scan the dog for a microchip. If they have one, they can locate the owner. Or, if the dog doesn’t have a microchip, the dog can safely go to the shelter.

Should that be the case, the shelter and yourself can take pictures of the dog and head to social media. Hopefully, after spreading the word a bit, the owners will see their pup at the shelter and return them home.

On the other hand, if you can’t get close enough to the dog to capture them, you can take pictures and post about the doggo on social media right away.

You don’t want to scare the dog further, and you certainly don’t want to hurt it if the dog happens to be aggressive.

Finally, call the local authorities or animal control. They can come by and pick up the dog safely and bring them to an animal shelter where the pup will be safe.

Local Places To Bring The Stray Dog

Despite so many street dogs, there are a few animal shelters in Cambodia. These shelters will do their best to rehabilitate, vaccinate, and care for the dogs.

Also, these animal shelters are doing their best to get rid of the dog meat trading business. So, they aim to keep every dog safe.

In addition, the shelter will try to find new homes for the dogs.

If you’re able to catch a stray dog (safely), you can bring them to an animal shelter where they’ll be safe.

Some great local animal shelters in Cambodia are as follows:

Always Help A Stray Dog If You Can

If you find yourself coming across a homeless dog, always help them. If it’s safe to do so, you can catch the dog and bring it to the shelter. Or, you can call the local authorities to pick it up. Remember, every dog deserves a forever home and loving family.

Rachel Poli Author
Rachel is a stay-at-home pet mom, caring for her dog, cat, turtle, tortoise, and fish. She's a content writer in various niches but most notably in the pet field, educating pet parents on the health and wellbeing of their furry friends. When she's not writing, she's reading, playing video games, or organizing something.
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