Dogs have that wonderful trait of being able to show us all how to live a happy and wholesome life no matter what is thrown at them in life. Super Scooty is the perfect example of that and a very worth dog of the day who has a remarkable story that can inspire us all.

Scooty, named the Happiest Dog on the Planet came from a not so happy beginning. in 2012 Scooty had been a stray in Mexico when she was hit by a car at the age of about 6 months old. She was left for dead. Scooty survived to drag her back body around the streets until a good samaritan contacted the local rescue, rather than the local shelter who no doubtingly would have “put her out of her misery” . Scooty was found by Baja Dog Rescue in rough shape. She had distemper, a broken back in 2-3 places, crushed hips, broken ribs, broken tail and open wounds. Scooty was also badly infected and some of her wounds filled with maggots.

A Great Recovery

She was rehabilitated with acupuncture, laser therapy, hydrotherapy, lots of love and patience. Fast forward to 2017 and Scooty has won the hearts of thousands of people on Instagram with love for life. She exudes happiness in everything she does and is a joy to be around and watch. People from all around the world have enjoyed following her progress. To really appreciate Scooty you have to see her doing her zoomies in a video. This is a super example. You will instantly be hooked by her personality which shines through on her social media accounts. An angel of a dog.

The reason we share a dog of the day is to help inspire our readers. Dogs have that unique ability to show us how to overcome adversity and Super Scooty is a perfect example of that. We think you will agree that she is a dog well worth following. Well done to Scotty and her owners.