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Business #6 – The Farmer’s Dog

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Jul 2 ·
The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog has your dog’s overall health and wellbeing in mind with its high-quality dog food. This company is a service that delivers balanced, freshly made pet food with simple recipes, guided by science and driven by love.

The recipes contain human-grade meat and veggies that are healthy and safe for your pooch to consume, but it’s also safe for you to eat as well. All the food is made fresh in USDA kitchens so that everything is safe, sanitized, and of good quality. In addition, a veterinarian has helped developed these recipes so that each meal is highly nutritious for your doggo and meets AAFCO standards.

Rethinking how pet food is made

The Farmer’s Dog recipes don’t contain any “meal” or “by-products” because this isn’t real meat or it might come from diseased livestock. Also, there are no preservatives, so that the food has a longer shelf life. They do not have brown pellets because those are processed and aren’t the healthiest for your doggo to consume. Plus, the labels are not misleading. You’ll know exactly what is is going into your dog’s body and the nutritional benefits they’ll receive.

The packages are easy to store and easy to open and pour. Each meal is pre-packaged in a bag that’s proportionate to your dog’s calories intake.

The Farmer’s Dog is personally designed for your furry friend

You can make an account and profile on their website and input your dog’s information. This includes their birthday, age, breed, size, weight, and any dietary needs. The team at this company will work closely with veterinarians to create the healthiest meal plan for your pooch. Each meal will cater to their needs. (Plus, it’ll be super tasty for them!)

The packages are per meal. This means, there’s no opening a bag and sticking it in the fridge to be used as leftovers the next night. Once your dog’s food is freshly cooked, they will ship the meals out to you immediately. Nothing is ever stored or frozen.

Author Happy Doggo
News Hound
Obsessed with dogs and finding all the latest news and trends from around the world.
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