Rachel is a stay-at-home pet mom, caring for her dog, cat, turtle, tortoise, and fish. She's a content writer in various niches but most notably in the pet field, educating pet parents on the health and wellbeing of their furry friends. When she's not writing, she's reading, playing video games, or organizing something.
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Tips For Entertaining A Dog When You’re At Work

Rachel Poli Author
May 6 ·
entertaining a dog when you're at work

So, what do you think your dog does all day while at work? Also, what do you think they think you’re doing when you’re gone for the day? Some dogs enjoy being home alone, while others get separation anxiety. So, here are some tips for entertaining a dog when you’re at work.

Provide Stuffable Treats Or Chews

To keep your dog busy, give them something to do while you leave.

For example, you can get a Kong toy with a hollow middle. Fill it with treats or peanut butter and allow your dog to work for their reward.

This stimulates their mind long enough that even when they get to the treat and there’s nothing left, your pup will be tired and should nap for a while or until you get home.

Dental chews are another good option. Once again, it should keep them busy enough until they get tired out and take a nap.

However, stay away from Rawhide treats and bones. These treats can be brittle and pose a choking hazard. You certainly do not want your pup choking or ingesting anything they shouldn’t when they’re home alone.

Put On Some Background Noise

Background noise can soothe your dog when the house is empty. They might be used to you and your kids running about the house, so having background noise on will give them the feeling that someone is home with them.

You can leave the TV on, the radio, or use a white noise machine.

For example, if you put on the TV, try tuning in to an animal channel. Your dog can be comforted by the sights and sounds of nature while you’re out of the house. 

On the other hand, this background noise will also block out sounds from outside. So, your dog will be less stressed or agitated at people walking by or cars zooming up the street.

This can help a dog with separation anxiety because it gives them the feeling that someone is home. The noise makes them feel like they’re not alone in a big, empty house.

Also, if you put on certain channels on the radio or play classical music, it might relax and lull your pup to sleep.

Shield Your Windows

You can also block the windows. If your dog is bothered by people and cars going by your house (or the occasional squirrel sitting in the front yard), you certainly don’t want your pup to sit by the window, stressed out and barking all day.

You can block the bottom of the windows by getting frosted panes so that your doggo can’t look outside. Also, you can open blinds from the top or the bottom. For example, you can shield the bottom of the window while leaving the top open for natural light.

When you’re not home, you won’t get calls from your neighbors saying that your dog was barking all day long at cars, people, and squirrels outside.

Give Your Dog A Designated Play Area

As a puppy, you’ll want to crate train your dog for many reasons. One might be for when you leave the house, and you don’t want them to get into anything they shouldn’t.

However, as your dog gets older, you should be able to trust them a bit more. Also, it’s not fair to keep them cooped up in their crate for most of the day.

So, you can get baby gates and allow them access to only one or two dog-proof rooms. Then, your dog will be able to stretch its legs and still feel at home with its toys.

Hire A Dog Walker Or Bring Them To Doggy Daycare

Alternatively, you can hire a professional dog walker to check in on your doggo once or twice a day, depending on how long you’ll be gone.

The dog walker can take your dog for an actual walk, or they can stop by to feed your pup and let them out to go to the bathroom. 

On the other hand, you can bring them to doggy daycare. Your dog will have some time out of the house and play all day, but it’s also a great socializing opportunity. Your pup can hang out with other humans and dogs and be tired out by the time you both get home.

Get A Nanny Camera

Finally, even though this won’t necessarily entertain your dog while at work, it’ll help you keep an eye on your pup.

For example, you can check in on your dog whenever you can and see what they’re up to. You’ll be able to tell which parts of the day they’re more anxious. Or maybe your dog is relaxed for most of the day, and you don’t need anything to entertain them.

Finally, you can also get one of those nanny cams that allows you to talk through the device. Sometimes if you can say hello to your dog while at work, your voice will relax them.

Know Your Dog

In the end, know how your dog is when they’re home alone. If they get anxious and destructive, it might be best to invest in a dog walker or bring them to doggy daycare. Otherwise, they might be fine with a couple of chew toys and lullaby music in the background. 

Rachel Poli Author
Rachel is a stay-at-home pet mom, caring for her dog, cat, turtle, tortoise, and fish. She's a content writer in various niches but most notably in the pet field, educating pet parents on the health and wellbeing of their furry friends. When she's not writing, she's reading, playing video games, or organizing something.
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