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Toy poodle puppies have increased in popularity over recent years. No wonder! They’re adorable, intelligent dogs, and much smaller than the average poodle. This makes them a lot more appealing to some people.

If you’re thinking about adding a toy poodle to your family, however, it’s important to do your research before jumping on in.

Where To Get Toy Poodle Puppies

Some people are committed to adopting, but if you are, you may have to skip getting a toy poodle puppy. These highly desirable dogs aren’t very likely to be found in shelters because they’re expensive, and many people want to get their hands on one.

If you want a toy poodle puppy, your best option is to go through a breeder. There are two kinds of breeders.

Backyard Breeders

Backyard breeders are the people you do not want to get your dog from. Their dogs often aren’t purebred or have a variety of health and socialization issues. People are tempted into buying them because they’re posted online for a low price. However, the reason for this low price is that not much money was put into raising them.

These poor puppies aren’t raised in great conditions so while you might feel like you’re saving the puppy, it’s best not to support this and end backyard breeding. Bonith…

Ethical Breeders

Ethical breeders are working to better the breed. That means they do everything they can to ensure their puppies are happy, healthy, and sociable.

They’re more expensive than backyard breeders, but you should still go with them.

So, how do you know the breeder is ethical?

  • A spay/neuter contract to ensure they aren’t enabling backyard breeding
  • Transparency about their practices and a willingness to answer questions
  • Health checks on the parents
  • Vet visits and appropriate shots given to the puppies
  • Registry papers where possible

If you’ve found a breeder who does all of these things, you know you’re getting a great puppy. Finnegan…

The Cost

The average cost of a toy poodle puppy is $2,500. They are not cheap dogs, so be prepared to pay if you want one, and don’t get pulled in by a backyard breeder!


The dense, curly coat of the poodle comes in a bite-sized package under ten inches at the shoulders when it comes to the toy poodle. They’re light and springy, and everything you love about a poodle — but smaller!


Poodles are one of the most intelligent dog breeds and easy to train. They’re great at picking up commands from their owners and love brain games and mental stimulation, so it’s important to keep them amused as well as exercise. If you’re looking for a dog who’ll pick up good manners quickly and learn amazing party tricks, look no further.

They can sometimes find themselves getting into trouble if bored.

They tend to be very loyal to their owners, so you can expect them to take a second to warm up to strangers. This is why it’s important to expose them to new people and things, particularly during the critical socialization window. By doing this, you’ll show them people are good and they can enjoy meeting new people without being extremely wary or seeing them as a threat.

In general, though, it’s always important to socialize and train your dog so you have an adult with a great temperament. Amelie…


The main debate between all dog owners is dry food vs. raw.

If you feed kibble, just be sure to avoid grain-free food. It’s convenient, and it’s fine to feed your dog dry food, but you should look up the ingredients and make sure they’re getting everything they need. Dogs do need grains, unless allergic, as grain-free food has been linked to heart disease.

You may also choose to feed them a raw diet, as many owners do. If you do make this choice, you should get an expert to prepare the food for you or use a subscription service. Many people attempt to create raw diets themselves, but this isn’t a good idea, as your dog may not get everything they need.

Toy Poodle Puppies Veterinary Needs

All puppies need shots every three weeks from around eight weeks to eighteen weeks old, as well as deworming. These shots protect them against distemper and parvovirus and, at the end, they will also be vaccinated against rabies. Until they’re fully vaccinated, they shouldn’t interact with strange dogs or walk in places where there’s dog heavy traffic.

After that, they should only need a visit once a year to check for health issues and get their booster shots. Like a lot of purebred dogs, they can be prone to problems such as hip dysplasia, so make sure you pick a pet insurance that covers this!


Grooming a poodle often requires an expert touch, because their coats are so dense. Although some owners do choose to learn how to do this themselves, it takes time and effort, so it’s a better idea to have them professionally groomed. This should be done every six weeks at a minimum.

So, if you’ve decided you want a toy poodle puppy, congratulations! These dogs are energetic and intelligent, and much smaller than a standard poodle. Just be sure to train and socialize them and you’ll have an awesome best friend for life.

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toy poodle puppies

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toy poodle puppies

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