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What Can Dogs Eat? – Ultimate Guide

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Jun 28 ·
What Can Dogs Eat

If you were wondering what can dogs eat to have a fit and healthy diet we have you covered with an extensive list of food guides for your pup. It can be tricky to find the best information but we have distilled many human foods down to a simple list with more detailed reading should you need it.

While a good balanced diet of food approved by your vet is always the best bet for your dog there are times when a little human treat is also nice for them. Most of the ingredients below are simple yes or no answers but we’ve written a guide for each with detailed information.

If you have ever worried about what dogs can eat then this is the list for you…

Vegetables Dogs Can Eat

Asparagus Yes

Broccoli Yes

Avocado Mostly yes but read more

Lettuce Yes

Bell Peppers Yes

Green Beans Yes

Carrots Yes

Cauliflower Yes

Edamame Yes

Squash Yes

Potatoes Mostly yes but read more

Brussel Sprouts Yes

Cucumbers Yes

Celery Yes

Onions No

Cabbage Yes

Corn Mostly yes but read more

Spinach Yes

Sweet Potato Yes

Garlic No

Peas Yes

Zucchini Yes

What Can Dogs Eat? Fruit

Pineapple Yes

Watermelon Yes

Mango Yes

Cherries Mainly No

Tomatoes Yes

Oranges Yes

Mandarin Yes

Apples Yes

Raspberries Yes

Strawberries Yes

Blueberries Yes

Peaches Yes

Kiwi Yes but read more

Nectarines Yes

Pears Yes

Pomegranate No but read more 

Bananas Yes

Papaya Yes

Lemons No

Plums No

Tangerines Yes

Clementines Yes

Grapes No

Cantaloupe Yes

Meat And Fish

Chicken Bones Very carefully but read in full.

Raw chicken Yes but read more 

Pork Yes

Tuna Yes

Salmon Yes

What Can Dogs Eat

Shrimp Yes

Turkey Yes

Ham Yes but read more

Random Food Dogs Can Eat

Spicy Food No

Pickles No

Pecans No

Olives Yes

Ice cream No but read for some exceptions

What Can Dogs Eat

Sausage Yes

Marshmallows No

Seaweed Yes

Coconut Yes

Bread Yes

Rice Yes

Pretzels No

Author Happy Doggo
News Hound
Obsessed with dogs and finding all the latest news and trends from around the world.
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