Are you wondering what your dog can and
can’t eat when it comes to human foods?

We have you covered with these extensive guides covering everything you ever need to know. They might be giving you the puppy
eyes at the table but make sure to read through these guides first as some human food is very dangerous for dogs...


Meat And Seafood title

If your pup is handing around the table and you feel like giving them a little treat in the form of meat or seafood then check this list.


Fruit title

We don’t typically feed our dogs human food or table scraps and some of you might wonder what fruits can dogs eat? Dogs have a different digestive system than we do, and their calorie intake and nutrients differ from ours. However, giving your furry friend a light snack is fine once in a while, especially if it’s a fruit.   Not only will your pooch be happy you shared your food with them, but they’ll also get a tasty treat and - what they don’t know - is that it’s healthy for them, too!